Miror B.'s Hideout is a location that appears in Pokémon Colosseum. It served as Miror B.'s main base of operations during the Cipher takeover. It is located in Pyrite Town.


Miror B.'s Hideout first appears as a large, worn down warehouse with many floors. The hideout extends to a cave known as Pyrite Cave that appears to be located near The Under. Miror B.'s room resembles a dance studio to fit his love of dancing personality.


Wes and Rui went through Miror. B's Hideout in order to stop the Cipher Admin's plans and rescue Duking's Plusle. They fought through many of Miror B.'s henchmen and eventually reach the Cipher Admin himself. Wes battles Miror B. and defeats him causing him to flee from his hideout. Duking eventually shows up and is glad to see his Plusle is safe and sound. Wes, Rui, and Duking all leave Miror B.'s Hideout and head back into Pyrite Town.

Five years after the events of Colosseum, Miror B.'s Hideout has been converted into ONBS in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.



Pyrite Cave

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