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Miranda is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Challenge.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

Miranda is the nursemaid or guardian of the heir to the Mirage Kingdom throne, Princess Sara. As she and Sara were tending to the royal garden, Sara showed Miranda that she found a Togepi, possibly the one for her to claim the Mirage Kingdom throne after her parents. While the Queen went to join Sara in her room, Miranda went to tell the King, who had been meeting with the Mirage Kingdom magistrate, Colonel Hansen, in regards to intruders in the kingdom that Hansen had been dealing with. Miranda returned to Sara's room with the King, and when the Royal Family's happy moment was interrupted by the arrival of Misty, Miranda blocked her from getting to the Togepi that the Royal Family and she believed was the one destined for Sara. Once Misty's friends arrive and clear up the misunderstanding, Miranda and Sara escorted them back to the airport so they could leave before trouble brewed. However, Hansen arrived with Team Rocket to claim Misty's Togepi to perform a coup d'état against the Royal Family. Misty's Togepi protected everyone from attacks from Hansen's Ninjask and Shedinja.

Misty's Togepi transported them to the Togepi Paradise, where Miranda was shocked by the withering landscape the area has become because of Hansen's cruel intentions. However, after Misty's Togepi was lured back to the Mirage Kingdom by Hansen, leaving Miranda and the others trapped in the Togepi Paradise, the Togepi there were able to transport them back as well, only to learn that Hansen has succeeded in his coup and was the new King. Knowing that they still have a chance to stop him, Miranda went with Brock and Max to find Sara's parents. They were directed to where Hansen imprisoned them by a disguised Team Rocket, looking for revenge after Hansen no longer had any use for them after completing his coup, and rescued them around the same time as Misty was able to defeat Hansen and his Shedinja with her Gyarados, arriving with the King and Queen, and a contingent of royal guards, to see Hansen arrested for his treason and led away to face punishment. That evening, as Misty's Togepi, now in its evolved form of Togetic, departed to protect the Togepi Paradise, one Togepi from the paradise remained behind, revealed to be the one destined for Sara to become Queen. Miranda was so proud of Sara as now she could ascend to the throne once her parents retired.

Episode appearances

Episode(s) Title(s)
RS044 The Princess and the Togepi
RS045 A Togepi Mirage!