Mimo is a character appearing in the Sun & Moon series who is the younger sister of Kiawe.


Mimo is a little tanned skinned girl with cyan blue eyes, brown and red hair in a slightly spiky ponytail and has a red star-shaped hair patch in between her hairline and forehead. She wears a salmon pink dress that reaches her thighs with red wave designs, a red an green jeweled necklace and reddish-brown sandals.


Sun & Moon

Mimo first appeared when she was working on her parent's farm with Kiawe by doing chores. Even though she said she can handle the chores herself, Kiawe became overprotective of her, which annoyed Mimo. She was also very friendly when meeting new friends and Pokémon.[1]

Mimo attended a concert performed by DJ Leo along with Kiawe and their friends.[2] She attended and helped set up for Sophocles' moving away party before he revealed he wasn't leaving at all.[3]

Mimo was seen watching Masked Royal battle against Mr. Electric on television with Kiawe.[4]


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