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This Mr. Mime, nicknamed Mimey, is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Delia Ketchum. Mimey currently resides at the Cerise Laboratory to watch over Ash.


At the Ketchum household, Mimey is extremely responsible. It enjoys doing chores and refuses others to ease its workload. When Brock was staying at Ash's home, he always fought with Mimey on who should be responsible for the chores. It is also quite protective of the Ketchum household, such as when Butch and Cassidy attempted to destroy the garden, it didn't hesitate to retaliate against them.

When battling, Mimey has proven itself to be a capable fighter, like how it namely effortlessly defeated Hodge's Hariyama. When someone like Goh underestimated it, it can come off as smuggish. However, it is aware of its own limits and won't risk itself against type disadvantages, as it quickly retreated when realizing that it had to confront Hodge's Mightyena, whom it had a lower hand against.


Mimey was a Mr. Mime living in the wild until Ash, and Stella attempted to catch it. They were unsuccessful, however. He stumbled into the Ketchum house by pure chance, and Delia, thinking it was Ash, happily treated Mimey well until the "real" Ash showed up. Despite the misunderstanding and the fact that Mimey was "not" Ash, Delia welcomed him with open arms.

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Pokémon the Series: The Beginning

Mimey debuted in "It's Mr. Mime Time" when it was creating a barrier. Ash wanted to catch Mimey until Stella, the owner of a circus appeared and wanted to capture it s well. When Ash and Stella were busy dealing with each other, Mimey escaped.

Mimey with Ash and Delia.

Later when Delia was serving Brock and Misty with nice meals, Mimey stumbled into the Ketchum house. Thinking that it was Ash in disguise, Delia welcomed it with open arms and treated it like Ash until the real Ash showed up. Still, she treated Mr. Mime like part of the family. Because of Delia's care and affection, Mr. Mime decided to stay with her and help her with her household jobs like making food, cleaning vessels, rooms and also helping Delia in gardening and grocery shopping. Delia, after a short while, decided to name Mr. Mime as "Mimey".

When Brock returned prior to "A Tent Situation", Mimey and Brock would argue about chores and who would do them.

Pokemon the Series: Black & White

It is unknown what happened to it when Delia Ketchum went on vacation to Unova. It was not seen in Ash's house in "In the Shadow of Zekrom!" However, it appears in the last episode of the Best Wishes saga, "The Dream Continues!" where it is shown that Delia still kept it throughout the Best Wishes series.

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Mimey and Delia relaxing.

In "Alola to New Adventure!", Mimey goes with Delia, Ash and Pikachu to the Alola region. It is revealed that it participated in a lottery and managed to win tickets for all of them. Mimey returns with Delia to Pallet Town at the end of the trip while Ash stays in Alola.

In "Alola, Kanto!", Mimey and Delia were happy to be reunited with Ash when he returns home in Pallet Town with Misty, Brock and five of his Alolan friends to visit at Professor Oak's lab. Both are last seen watching the others eating during sunset.

In "Final Rivals! "and "Enter the Champion!", Mimey arrives with Delia and Professor Oak to watch Ash compete in the Alola League final.

In "Z-Move Showdown!", the closing ceremony of the Manalo Conference was disrupted by the appearance of a Guzzlord. Mimey accompanied Delia and Professor Oak as they tried to leave, only for a Shiny Guzzlord to block their way. However, it was quickly seen off by Professor Kukui and Ash.

From "Exhibition Unmasked!" to "From Z to Shining Z!", Mimey watched the full exhibition match between Professor Kukui and Ash.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Mimey being left at the Cerise Laboratory to watch over Ash.

In "Legend? Go! Friends? Go!", Mimey traveled with Delia, Ash and Professor Oak to Vermilion City to attend the opening of the Cerise Laboratory. After Ash and his new friend Goh encountered a Lugia and reported this to Professor Cerise, the professor decided to make Ash and Goh his new research assistants and gave them a room at the institute. Delia then decided to leave Mimey at the Cerise Laboratory so it could watch over Ash.

Mimey being a Yoga instructor at the Cerise Laboratory.

In "Serving Up the Flute Cup!", Mimey led a session of Kung Fu exercise for Goh, Chloe, and Professor Cerise along with Goh's Pokémon. Later in the episode, Ash chose to use Mimey as his second Pokémon in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup, much to Goh's surprise. It was first used to battle Houji's Hariyama in the tournament finals and easily won. When Houji sent out his Mightyena next, Mimey immediately refused to battle it, forcing Ash to switch it with Pikachu.

In Panic in the Park! and Toughing It Out!, Mimey was training with Ash, Pikachu and Riolu where Mimey use Reflect to block Riolu's Vacuum Waves.

Mimey following Ash's Pikachu and accompanied him to Pallet Town.

In Betrayed, Bothered, and Beleaguered!, Mimey was Delia when she came by to visit Ash at the Cerise Laboratory. The next day, Delia left while he notices Pikachu leaving to follow after he was feeling neglected by Ash lately, and tried to stop him. On the way, Mimey convince Pikachu think what's he doing to work his problem with Ash, but Pikachu refused and Mimey decided to accompany him to Pallet Town to watch him. During their journey, Mimey was attacked by a group of Spearow, but Pikachu saved it by using Thunderbolt. After Mimey was saved, Pikachu at way Mimey was hurt to, which remind Pikachu on how Ash try to protect him on the day they first met, making Pikachu feel guilty. By the time they arrived in Pallet Town, Pikachu had changed his mind and turned back to return to Ash, only to find out that Ash had come to Pallet Town looking for him. Mimey watch Ash and Pikachu as they both apologize for their behavior towards each other.

Known moves


  • Mimey marks the last role that Kayzie Rogers voiced before she retired.
  • The dub mentions Mimey being male.
  • Mimey is the first Psychic-type and Fairy-type Pokémon that's owned by Ash.
    • It is also his only Pokémon that has a nickname, which Ash's mom gave it.
  • Mimey is the first Pokémon to be owned by both its Trainer and with somebody, Delia.
  • Mimey was initially owned by Delia, but it decided to stay with Ash (at the Cerise Laboratory) in the Pokémon Journeys series.
    • Before Pokémon Journeys, many people believe that Mimey was actual Delia Pokémon since it was staying home at the Ketchum's residence. However, this could means that Mimey was actually caught by Ash and kept it at his house to keep his mother company.
  • "Serving Up the Flute Cup!" shows Mimey is not without a smuggish trait as a Mr. Mime who appeared Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie.