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This Slurpuff is a Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Miette.


Slurpuff helping Miette cook.

As Ash was eating Serena's Poké Puff, Slurpuff used Psychic to take the treat and eat it. Miette appeared and claimed Slurpuff thinks the Poké Puff was average, which annoyed Serena. Serena and Miette went to a Poké Puff baking tournament, where Slurpuff helped Miette bake Poké Puffs. However, all the berries were missing, so the heroes, along with Miette, went to search, as Miette had Slurpuff sniff out the berries, as well as using Psychic to lift them onto a cliff. They encountered Team Rocket, who stole the berries. Miette had Slurpuff use Energy Ball, who, along with Fennekin's Flamethrower and Pikachu's Thunderbolt, defeated Team Rocket.[2]

Miette came to Dendemille Town, for she also was a Performer. During the first round of the Showcase, Miette had Slurpuff sniff out the best ingredients for her Poké Puff she was baking. During the second round, Miette's Meowstic used Psychic to lift Slurpuff in the sky, who used Cotton Spore, releasing glitter.[3]

Slurpuff defeated along with James' Inkay.

Miette, along with Slurpuff, appear in a strange event, where they dance with Ash and his Pikachu. In addition, Miette's Slurpuff has a tag battle against Ash's Pikachu and Serena's Eevee. During the battle, Eevee surprisingly evolved into Sylveon and Slurpuff and Inkay were both defeated.[4]

Slurpuff and Miette participated in the first round of the Master Class Tournament. Slurpuff started by using Cotton Spore and danced with Miette around "the cloud" and finished with Fairy Wind. In a following performance, Slurpuff continued using Fairy Wind, but they lost to Serena and her Braixen.[5]

Miette and Slurpuff, along with Nini and Shauna, watched the finals, where Serena challenged Aria for the title of the Kalos Queen.[6]

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