This Shelgon is a dragon-type Pokémon owned by Michelle.


As the heroes were traveling, they encountered a Bagon on a top of a cliff. The Bagon jumped down, making the heroes mistake it was to attack them and ran off, as Bagon smashed a rock. Bagon returned to the cliff, as Ash sent Taillow to attack it. Bagon made another jump, so Taillow used Wing Attack on it. Bagon's trainer, Michelle, arrived and accused of them attacking Bagon, but were explained they thought Bagon was attacking them. Michelle understood and explained she was training Bagon to evolve into into Shelgon, then into a Salamence, as Bagon wanted to fly, hence why it jumped down a cliff. To help them out, Ash challenged Michelle to a battle. Pikachu started off with Quick Attack, but missed, as Michelle coordinated its moves. Bagon retaliated with Headbutt and nearly hit Pikachu with the attack. Pikachu retaliated with Thunderbolt, which hit Bagon, who managed to hit Pikachu with Headbutt. Surprisingly for Michelle and Bagon, Pikachu stood up and emitted Thunder on Bagon, then dodged its Headbutt attack. Bagon dodged Pikachu's Thunderbolt and clashed with its Iron Tail attack. In the middle of the battle, Team Rocket appeared and Meowth grabbed Bagon. However, due to Ash's Treecko's Bullet Seed, Team Rocket dropped the remote, causing Meowth and Bagon to fly off in a direction. After having a rough landing, Meowth was told Bagon wanted to use the jetpack to fly, making Meowth remember the time he practiced human speech, as Jessie and James came. The heroes arrived as well and while Pikachu freed Bagon, the former was captured by Team Rocket. Using the jetpack, Bagon and Treecko flew off and rescued Pikachu, who blasted Team Rocket away. Once they descended down, Bagon was glad about this experience and evolved into a Shelgon. Michelle was glad and hugged Shelgon, seeing Bagon was closer to its dream.

Known moves

  • Using Headbutt


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