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Meowth's Party (ニャースのパーティ) is the seventh Japanese ending theme of the original Pokémon series. It is heard on Pokémon Channel in the episode Pichu Bros. in Party Panic. It is also an interactive demo that was shown at the 2000 Nintendo Space World convention.

Lyrics (English)

♪ Bumbling and fumbling

Screwing up and stumbling Look's like Team Rocket's blastin' off again!

We're always stinkin' It got me to thinkin' And now ME-owth has got the perfect plan!

I'll throw a party! Admission will be free! It'll be a snap when they walk right in my trap!

It's never been such fun, Stealin' lots of Pokémon! Humans ain't invited 'cause I said so!

Once they hit the dance floor, that's when they're done for! This is one scheme even we can't blow!

Meowth, Meowth, Meowth, the party is so exciting! It's gonna be the biggest bash of the year! Meowth, Meowth, Meowth, won't you tell us who you're inviting? Everyone who's anyone is gonna be here!

Meowth, Meowth, Meowth, oh! This party's not for fighting! Ice cream for everyone There's nothing to fear!

Go, cat, go!

At Meowth's party, blast off at the speed of light! For one night only, no Pokémon is lonely! At Meowth's party, Team Rocket's not gonna fight! So move those feet to the sound o' the beat! At Meowth's party, don't tell the boss 'bout tonight!

I wish this party could go on forever... ♪


  • During the Nintendo Space World convention, it is possible that Meowth's Party was to become a game as there is game footage and a possible trailer shown at the time. It is shown that Pokémon were able to be interacted with and could react to Meowth in different ways:
    • Krabby uses Bubble and bubbles fly around the room.
    • Meowth will bounce off of the heads of the three Machop.
    • Sudowoodo will juggle five multi-colored balls.
    • Electrode (via a lever which rolls a slot machine) rolls past the stage, flattening Meowth.
    • Weepinbell inhales Meowth and shoots him out the ceiling, in which Meowth respawns onstage.
    • Aipom grabs Smeargle's tail and paints the entire screen red. The screen goes back to normal after a few seconds.
    • Magmar uses Flamethrower, flashing fire and smoke in front of it.
    • Hitmonlee stretches his legs to a great size and then shrinks down.
    • Meowth will bounce on Snorlax's belly four times and then hop off.
    • Gengar sticks out its tongue and turns transparent for a couple of seconds.
    • Sunflora stretches out its neck and then retracts it back to normal size.
    • Pinsir grabs Meowth with his pincers and spins Meowth a bit, later putting Meowth down as Meowth has a dizzied expression.
    • A burst of water comes from underneath Azumarill, raising Azumarill up.
    • Elekid charges up as Meowth has a frightened expression. Elekid then strikes Meowth with Thunderbolt, revealing Meowth skeleton.
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