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A Memory, also known as Memory Disc or Memory Drive, is an item introduced in the Pokémon Sun and Moon games in Generation VII. It is used to help Silvally and its Multi-Attack move change into any one of the 18 types through its RKS System Ability.

List of Memories

Name Japanese Corr. type
Silvally Disc Bug.png Bug Memory バグメモリ
Bagu Memori
(Bug Memory)
Type Bug.gif
Silvally Disc Dark.png Dark Memory ダークメモリ
Daaku Memori
(Dark Memory)
Type Dark.gif
Silvally Disc Dragon.png Dragon Memory ドラゴンメモリ
Doragon Memori
(Dragon Memory)
Type Dragon.gif
Silvally Disc Electric.png Electric Memory エレクトロメモリ
Erekutoro Memori
(Electro Memory)
Type Electric.gif
Silvally Disc Fairy.png Fairy Memory フェアリーメモリ
Fearii Memori
(Fairy Memory)
Type Fairy.gif
Silvally Disc Fighting.png Fighting Memory ファイトメモリ
Faito Memori
(Fight Memory)
Type Fighting.gif
Silvally Disc Fire.png Fire Memory ファイヤーメモリ
Faiyaa Memori
(Fire Memory)
Type Fire.gif
Silvally Disc Flying.png Flying Memory フライングメモリ
Furaingu Memori
(Flying Memory)
Type Flying.gif
Silvally Disc Ghost.png Ghost Memory ゴーストメモリ
Goosuto Memori
(Ghost Memory)
Type Ghost.gif
Silvally Disc Grass.png Grass Memory グラスメモリ
Gurasu Memori
(Grass Memory)
Type Grass.gif
Silvally Disc Ground.png Ground Memory グラウンドメモリ
Guraundo Memori
(Ground Memory)
Type Ground.gif
Silvally Disc Ice.png Ice Memory アイスメモリ
Aisu Memori
(Ice Memory)
Type Ice.gif
Silvally Disc Poison.png Poison Memory ポイズンメモリ
Poizun Memori
(Poison Memory)
Type Poison.gif
Silvally Disc Psychic.png Psychic Memory サイキックメモリ
Saikikku Memori
(Psychic Memory)
Type Psychic.gif
Silvally Disc Rock.png Rock Memory ロックメモリ
Rokku Memori
(Rock Memory)
Type Rock.gif
Silvally Disc Steel.png Steel Memory スチールメモリ
Suchiiru Memori
(Steel Memory)
Type Steel.gif
Silvally Disc Water.png Water Memory ウオーターメモリ
Uootaa Memori
(Water Memory)
Type Water.gif


Games Bug Memory Dark Memory Dragon Memory Electric Memory Fighting Memory Fire Memory Flying Memory Ghost Memory Grass Memory
Ground Memory Ice Memory Normal Memory Poison Memory Psychic Memory Rock Memory Steel Memory Water Memory
A memory disc that contains (corresponding type)-type data. It changes the type of the holder if held by a certain species of Pokémon.


Sun and Moon

All obtained from Gladion after receiving Type: Null at the Aether Paradise.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

All obtained from Wicke after receiving Type: Null at Poni Wilds along after becoming the Champion.

Sword and Shield

All Memories are obtained with the gift Type: Null at Battle Tower.