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The Memorial Pillar is a location in the southeast of the Sevii Islands.


The Memorial Pillar can be entered if the player uses Surf, coming east from the Five Isle Meadow. The northern segment of the location features a patch of grass containing wild Pokémon as well as three Bird Keepers. There are also Berry patches on the grass. The southern segment of the area features a mysterious pillar that serves as a memorial for an Onix that was known as Tectonix. The one who once owned Tectonix stands in front of the pillar, constantly mourning its memories. The person in front of the pillar will ask if the player has some Lemonade to spare. If the player gives a single quantity of Lemonade to the person who stands by the pillar, it will be rewarded a TM42 (Facade) as a special thanks.

In other languages

Language Name
English Memorial Pillar
Spanish Pilar Recuerdo
Italian Colonna Rocciosa
French Mémorial
German Gedenksäule
Japanese おもいでのとう
Korean 추억의 탑
Simplified Chinese 回憶之塔
Traditional Chinese 回忆之塔
Vietneamese Tháp Hồi Ức
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