This Exeggutor is the partner Pokémon of Melvin which made its appearance in TB043: The March of the Exeggutor Squad. It is a Grass/Psychic-type.


Exeggutor first started out as an Exeggcute. As an Exeggcute, Melvin would juggle it in his performances, but the act wasn't very popular. Melvin later had Exeggcute use Hypnosis on Ash and used Ash to capture many wild Exeggutor for his show.

After Team Rocket appeared, it saw that Melvin was in trouble and evolved into an Exeggutor. It used Hypnosis on Team Rocket and the other Exeggutor, who had the same idea, resulting in every Exeggutor becoming confused and going on a rampage in town. With help from Misty and Ash, Melvin was able to snap the Exeggutor out of their confusion. This Exeggutor returned to Melvin, who was happy to see it. Melvin and Exeggutor were last seen saying goodbye to Ash and company.

Known moves

  • Using Hypnosis


  • It is the only known Exeggutor to evolve from an Exeggcute without a Leaf Stone.


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