As depicted in Ultra Sun and Moon.

As depicted in Sun and Moon.

Melemele Island is an island in the Alola region. It is where the player character starts the game. The Guardian Deity is Tapu Koko. Tapu Koko is found in the Ruins of Conflict. The island consists of:

Island Challenge

There is only one trial on this island. The Grand Trial is with Hala, Hau's grandfather.

Name Class Location Type Totem Pokémon Aura
Ilima SunMoon.png
Trial Captain Verdant Cavern Normal Gumshoos (Sun/Ultra Sun)
Alolan Raticate (Moon/Ultra Moon)
Defense +1
Kahuna Iki Town Fighting No Totem (Kahuna Battle)


  • Melemele Island is based off of Oahu.
  • Melemele means yellow in Hawaiian.
  • The trial's Totem changes depending on the version. It is the only trial to do this.
  • Ash lived on Melemele Island in the Sun and Moon series.
  • Melemele Island is the only location in Pokémon Sun and Moon where Pikachu can be found, though it is via summoning from Pichu (It can be found in Pikachu valley in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)
    • It's worth noting that the only Pikachu obtainable here is an Ash Cap Pikachu, so Melemele Island is the only location in the Alola games where Pikachu can be caught
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