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Mela is the boss of Team Star's Fire Crew, a student at the Naranja/Uva Academies, and a major antagonist in the Starfall Street storyline of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. She specializes in Fire-type Pokémon.


Mela is a young woman with short red hair with a strand of yellow hair sticking out, and the top is a pale-yellow color, the bottom looks like it sticks to her face while being fluffy, the top looks like a flower that's facing down, and 'horns' split into two in her hair, as well as freckles and green eyes. She wears a strapless black bodysuit with a white top showing the Naranja or Uva Academy emblem, black finger less gloves, a orange/purple collar and a loose belt, red boots with the Team Star emblem.

In her academy attire, Mela's hair is rearranged into a shoulder length bob cut, with the yellow strand rearranged towards the left side of her head. She wears a white shirt with the academy tie, with a gray jacket over it. She also wears academy shorts and shoes with black thigh-high socks.


Mela is described to be very steadfast and firm, always completing any task she has set on in order to maintain the loyalty of her teammates. She also is willing to solve any solution, although her methods of doing so is more heavy handed. Despite appearing tough and prone to anger, Mela is very kind and loyal to her friends. She is also surly, with Eri stating that it was to a way to make the bullies stop picking on her.


Mela is an Italian word, meaning apple while her Japanese name (メロコ, Meroko) originates from Melocotón, which is Spanish for peach; this is further evident by Mela's hair, which resembles an apple or a peach. Her name may also derive from the Japanese word "meramera" (めらめら) which is the onomatopoeia for burning.


While attending school, Mela befriended a Charcadet known as Charlos, who was being taken care of by the academy staff. She was bullied by other students due to her cute appearance and eventually joined Team Star, becoming the boss of the Segin Squad. She also owned a Charcadet herself, who eventually evolved into Armarouge.

After the bullies left, Mela and her fellow squad bosses decided to tend for their bases until their big boss returned. The player, who was tasked by Cassiopeia to take down Team Star, found Mela's base and defeated her squad, forcing her to confront them herself, only to be defeated. Following the team code, Mela gave up her badge and gave them the TM Flame Charge, but credited the player's Pokémon for defeating her.

Mela and her friends later reunited with their big boss and agreed to Director Clavell's terms to oversee the new Star Training Academies on his behalf, where the player can have daily rematches with her. It is also revealed that she had joined the art club upon returning to education, though initially struggles with makeup exams due to not being sure as to what to pursue for her dream. When Giacomo and Eri bring the player to the room the bosses are in, Mela had left, though the player finds her admiring the garden and bring her back to the classroom. They assist her in answering some questions about Pokémon, after which she asks them if her dream of being an artist was absurd. The player reminds her of her own art, thus making her realize that Hassel does the same for a living despite seemingly doing nothing and is motivated to pursue her own dream, thanking the player for their advice.


Initial Battle[]

TorkoalSchedar Starmobile
0324Torkoal Pokémon HOMETypeType Fire HOME Fire0966Revavroom Pokémon HOMETypeType Fire HOME Fire
AbilityDroughtAbilitySpeed Boost
MovesFlame WheelClear SmogMovesOverheatBlazing Torque


0324Torkoal Pokémon HOMETypeType Fire HOME Fire0839Coalossal Pokémon HOMETypeType Rock HOME Rock / Type Fire HOME Fire
AbilityDroughtAbilitySteam Engine
MovesBody PressYawnMovesHeat CrashRock Blast
Flare BlitzStone EdgeBody PressEarthquake
0229Houndoom Pokémon HOMETypeType Dark HOME Dark / Type Fire HOME FireFile:Arcanine Pokémon HOME.pngTypeFile:Type HOME.png [[type|]]
AbilityEarly BirdAbilityIntimidate
MovesFire BlastDark PulseMovesFlare BlitzExtreme Speed
Sludge BombThunder FangClose CombatOverheat
0936Armarouge Pokémon HOMETypeType Fire HOME Fire / Type Psychic HOME Psychic
AbilityFlash Fire
MovesAura SphereArmor Cannon
Energy BallPsychic


  • Mela utilizes Quick Balls in her battles, representing her no-nonsense personality and being quick to the point.