The Megarig is an enormous machine created by Newton Graceland in order to replicate Giratina's dimension-phasing ability. Zero later adapts the blueprints and uses it as his primary base of operations.


The Megarig undertaking the scanning procedure of Giratina.

Initially designed by Newton Graceland to undertake his study of Giratina, the Megarig made use of a unique scanning program which enabled it to mimic Giratina's ability to phase into the Reverse World.

However, when Newton discovered that the process would inevitably have an adverse implication on Giratina's existence, he destroyed the blueprints from his computer. When the scanning process commences, Giratina is held in place within a lattice of crimson lasers, which causes it incredible suffering.

The Megarig tracking Giratina's whereabouts.

Much of the Megarig's operations are run by Zero's personal program Infi, who informs him of status updates and Giratina's position. The Megarig also possesses a sonar-like map of the portal between the real world and the Reverse World, which he can use to actively pinpoint where Giratina will resurface. This was much to the chagrin of his then apprentice Zero, who wanted to take Giratina's power for himself.

Zero memorised Newton's original designs for the Megarig prototype and built his own variation, proceeding to follow through with his plan. Despite this, Newton hid a failsafe option into the Megarig's programming in the event that Zero would rebuild Megarig, which would ultimately render all operations nullified.

Zero operating the Mecha Giratina.

Inside the bay of the Megarig, there is at least one smaller operable variant of the Megarig, known as the Mecha Giratina. This machine is a smaller, more agile version of the Megarig, but since Zero completed 99 percent of the scan of Giratina, it possessed the ability to travel into the Reverse World via Giratina's portals. In addition to this, the Mecha Giratina also possesses a variety of Pokémon moves also known by Giratina. This includes Dragon Claw, Aura Sphere and Will-O-Wisp.


  • The designs for both the Megarig and the Mecha Giratina are highly reflective of Giratina's appearance, which is primarily due to Zero's obsession with the Renegade Pokémon.
  • In a post-credits scene, the Megarig is seen rusting in the bay of Gracidea, and wild Pokémon have begun to make their home there.
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