For May's Blaziken that appears in the anime, see May's Blaziken.

This Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon owned by May.



Torchic and May splashed by May's Mudkip.

Blaziken first appeared in the animated trailer as a Torchic when May was holding it. When Mudkip splashed water onto them, Torchic got angry and picked against the tube Mudkip was in. Later, when May and Torchic were surrounded by bug-type Pokémon, Torchic got scared and used Ember on them to scare them off. It was also seen that it eventually evolved into a Blaziken, also being able to Mega Evolve. It then showcased its Mega Evolution form while using Blaze Kick.

Known moves

  • Using Ember

  • Using Blaze Kick


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