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This Beautifly is a bug/flying-type Pokémon that May caught as a Wurmple. She is the first Pokémon May ever caught in the wild, and her second Pokémon acquired overall.


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Advanced Generation series

May first met a Beautifly belonging to Janet, a Pokémon Coordinator who inspired May to participate in Pokémon Contests. Wanting to have a Beautifly of her own, she uses her Torchic to battle against a wild Wurmple and catches her first Pokémon. Jessie also catches a Wurmple at the time.

In A Corphish Out of Water, May's Wurmple evolved into a Silcoon while battling against Jessie's Wurmple which also evolved, however, it evolved into a Cascoon instead. Soon after, May's Silcoon evolved into a Beautifly while battling Jessie's Cascoon. Later, Jessie's Cascoon evolves into a Dustox.

Since then, May has used Beautifly in multiple contests as well as a PokéRinger competition, where she lost to Jessie's Dustox while being used by James. She was used in the Hoenn Grand Festival, in the Appeal Round, scoring pretty highly with just a single Silver Wind. After losing in the Grand Festival to Drew, she heads home, leaving her Beautifly and Skitty there, and heads to Kanto.

After losing in the Grand Festival to Solidad and became depressed about her loss, she temporarily recalls Beautifly to her party in the The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, where she used her in a battle against Drew. After being paired with May's Combusken, they battled against Drew's Roselia and Butterfree. Despite both her Pokémon having a type advantage, as well as Beautifly's recently learned Psychic, May loses the battle, but regains her confidence.

Diamond and Pearl series

In the Wallace Cup in Sinnoh, she used Beautifly to battle Zoey's Glameow, where she gracefully won and allowed May to move up to the finals.

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ Beautifly knew this move as a Silcoon, but executed it in RS033: Now That's Flower Power!
  2. ^ Beautifly knew this move as a Silcoon, but executed it in RS028: Seeing is Believing!
  3. ^ a b Silcoon knew this move as a Wurmple, but executed it in RS025: A Mudkip Mission

Improvised moves


  • May's Beautifly is similar to Dawn's Buneary, as both were the first Pokémon they caught and the first Pokémon they used in a contest.
  • This is the only Pokémon in May's party that isn't what players get to start out as in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Sky.
  • As a Wurmple, Beautifly was the only Pokémon May caught via battling.
    • May is also a playable character in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.



  1. ^ RS028: Seeing is Believing!, the red spots on Beautifly's wings are small