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The Max Lair is a location in the Crown Tundra of the Galar region, located on Slippery Slope.

Places of Interest

Dynamax Adventures

Main article: Dynamax Adventures

The player can team up with four other Trainers to explore the depths of the den. Legendary Pokémon and Pokémon not in the Galar Pokédexes can be found via Dynamax Adventures, and Dynite Ores are given as rewards.

Dynite Ore shop

There is a Backpacker at the right side of the lobby, who the player can buy items from using Dynite Ores.

Dynite Ore shop
Item Price
Exp. Candy L Sprite.png Exp. Candy L 1 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Exp. Candy XL Sprite.png Exp. Candy XL 3 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Dynamax Candy Sprite.png Dynamax Candy 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Wishing Piece Sprite.png Wishing Piece 3 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Armorite Ore Sprite.png Armorite Ore 3 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
HP Up Sprite.png HP Up 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Protein Sprite.png Protein 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Iron Sprite.png Iron 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Calcium Sprite.png Calcium 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Zinc Sprite.png Zinc 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Carbos Sprite.png Carbos 2 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Premier Ball Sprite.png Premier Ball 1 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Bag Beast Ball Sprite.png Beast Ball 150 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Bottle Cap Sprite.png Bottle Cap 25 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Ability Capsule Sprite.png Ability Capsule 50 Dynite Ore Sprite.png
Ability Patch Sprite.png Ability Patch 200 Dynite Ore Sprite.png


Main article: Dynamax Adventures#Pokémon


After starting the story They Came from the Ultra Beyond! and catching 5 Ultra Beasts, a Poipole appears near the computer. It can be received by interacting with it.

Beast Boost
Held item:


Pokémon Trainer Peony

Peony can send his Pokémon in any order.

Scizor XY.gif
 Type Bug.gif Type Steel.gif 
Aggron XY.gif
 Type Steel.gif Type Rock.gif 
Bronzong XY.gif
 Type Steel.gif Type Psychic.gif 
Copperajah SS.gif
 Type Steel.gif 
Perrserker SS.gif
 Type Steel.gif 
 Type .gif 
Lv. 73 Lv. 74 Lv. 73 - Lv. 74 Lv. 74 Lv. ? -
Ability: Technician Ability: Sturdy Ability: Heatproof Ability: Sheer Force Ability: Tough Claws Ability: Unknown
Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: None Item: ?
Bullet Punch Crunch Flash Cannon Heavy Slam U-Turn -
X-Scissor Iron Head Extrasensory Play Rough Iron Head -
Wing Attack Stone Edge Shadow Ball High Horsepower Seed Bomb -
Double Hit Body Press Calm Mind Superpower Throat Chop -


Item Games Location/Method
Ability Patch Sprite.png Ability Patch SW/SH From the Scientist after showing Peony a Necrozma caught in Dynamax Adventures
Bag Beast Ball Sprite.png Beast Ball SW/SH From the Scientist after showing Peony a Necrozma caught in Dynamax Adventures