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Mauville City is the city in which the Hoenn Game Corner and Bike Shop are located. Additionally, Wattson, the third Gym Leader of Hoenn, resides here.

Important Places

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Ruby and Sapphire

  • Pokémon Center
  • Poké Mart - you can buy TMs here, talk to the second clerk
  • Bike Shop - Here, you can talk to the owner and get either a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike. Also, if you want to switch bikes, you can talk to the owner again when you go back each time.
  • Mauville City Gym - At the Mauville Gym, you have to get through the electric doors by defeating trainers. After you do that, you can fight Wattson, the Gym Leader. He uses Electric-type Pokémon and after you beat him, you will receive the Dynamo Badge and TM34, Shock Wave.
  • Rock Smash Guy's House- Here, if you talk to the man sitting at the table, you can get HM06 Rock Smash.
  • Mauville City Game Corner- Here you can play games in order to receive prizes, including TMs and dolls.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

  • Mauville Food Court- Battle Trainers on the right turn to get a nugget daily.
  • Reflexology Place- Makes your leader Pokémon more friendly to you daily.
  • Battle Institute- Here you can try a Battle Test if you have beaten the Champion Steven Stone.
  • Inverse Battle Stop- Here you can battle a Trainer with the type matchup backwards.
  • Ultimate Move Studio- Here you can teach Pokémon moves like Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant.
  • Pledge Move Dojo- Here you can teach your Pokémon a Pledge move (Fire Pledge, Water Pledge, Grass Pledge). They are useful for Double and Triple Battles.
  • Crooner's Cafe- Talk to the bald guy to get your Keldeo or Meloetta to learn a move.
  • Mauville Game Corner- Talk to the bald guy in front to get a Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko Doll (starter doesn't matter)
  • PokeMileage Center- Trade PokeMiles for Prizes.
  • Rizzy Ribbon Retail- Buy Ribbons for your Pokémon.

Gym Info

Main article: Mauville City Gym

In the anime

As per usual with game locations, Mauville is much larger in the anime. Ash wins his only Gym badge to occur via sweep (a mechanical Raikou supercharged Pikachu) here.

Ever Grande Conference winner Tyson is from here.


Ruby and Sapphire


RSE Wally battle sprite.png
Pokémon Type Level
280.png Ralts Psychic/Fairy 16
Gain: Poké Dollar.png960

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


ORAS VSWally.png
Pokémon Type Level
280.png Ralts Psychic/Fairy 17
Gain: Poké Dollar.png680


Ruby and Sapphire



  • Mauville City undergoes a significant design overhaul in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, going from a small, eight-building city to a large, mall-like structure. This is due to Wattson based its renovated design on Kalos' Lumiose City.
  • As Hoenn corresponds to Kyūshū, Mauville corresponds to the city of Kumamoto.
  • Mauville City's name comes from "mauve" (a pale pinkish-purple color) and "-ville," a suffix used in city names. Kinsetsu City, its Japanese name, may come from 菫 (kin, violet).
  • In generation VI, Mauville replaced Lilycove City as the largest city in the Hoenn region.


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