This Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type Pokémon owned by Matori.


This Alolan Meowth is a smart and cunning Pokémon and showing its brief loyalty towards Jessie and James forcing Meowth to leave the group in depression. In contrast to Meowth, it always succeeds on its task such as capturing Ash's Pikachu and traps Ash and the group. Upon joining Team Rocket at their main headquarters, Meowth is loyal to Matori who finally pets it much like how Giovanni pets his Persian.


This Alolan Meowth first appeared when it was shown as a wild Pokémon. It has a bitter rivalry towards Meowth when it temporarily joins with Jessie and James. It successfully captures Ash's Pikachu when Ash and Kiawe are busy from their sparring practice. It even traps Ash and the group. After Team Rocket are blasted away from Pikachu's Gigavolt Havoc and being taken by Bewear, the Alolan Meowth is eventually recruited by Giovanni at his main headquarters and is now owned by his secretary Matori. The Alolan Meowth also explains to Meowth its reasons to join Team Rocket as the latter translates it's language in disappointment.[1]

Meowth was later seen with Matori and Gozu heading to Alola, under Giovanni's orders.[2] During Team Rocket's mission to capture Necrozma, Nebby, and Lunala, the Ultra Guardians interfered and damaged the ship. But Meowth wasn't worried, but it informed them that the damage was already repaired.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Feint
  • Using Thunderbolt
  • Using Scratch


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