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The master fisherman is a minor character appearing in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon.


Sun & Moon

He debuted in Big Sky, Small Fry!. He was first seen sleeping whilst Team Rocket were fishing for the Totem Pokémon of Brooklet Hill, having previously told them about it. He woke up after Bewear came and took them away.

When Lana and Ash came fishing, he informed them that they needed his permission to fish. He agreed to let them fish if they managed to find a Feebas, which Lana, to his astonishment, reeled in almost immediately. He then told the duo that they'd need a boat to fish, and said that they could borrow his boat if they gave him the Feebas, which they agreed to. He also stayed on the site to observe Lana's progress.

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In Battle Royal 151!, he was seen after Ash and his classmates entered the battlefield on Manalo Stadium before the Manalo Conference began. He later took part in the conference, but he failed to pass the Battle Royal preliminary round.



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