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For the other variants of Purugly belonging to Mars, see Mars' Purugly.

This Purugly is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Mars.


Mars sent Purugly at the power plant. She slashed through a windmill, thus allowing Mars to fly off and escape.[1]

Purugly was with Mars at the aircraft, and the two went to Lake Verity.[2] When Mars introduced herself at Lake Verity, she showed Purugly, and reminded Diamond of the encounter at the Valley Windworks. When Diamond flew on Drifblim, Purugly used Shadow Claw on it.[3] Diamond had his Tru use Razor Leaf to distract Mars. A moment later, Mars noted that Diamond was missing, and assumed he fell in the lake, so she called Purugly to her Poké Ball and left Drifblim alone.[4] Mars went back to Veilstone City with her Purugly, and met up with the other two commanders, Saturn and Jupiter, as they went to report to Cyrus the success of their mission.[5]

Purugly was with Mars, who reported an intruder in Veilstone City. Cyrus ignored that, and asked of his commanders to go to Spear Pillar at Mt. Coronet.[6] There, the three commanders awaited his coming. As Cyrus went to conduct the final phase of the plan, Mars got attacked by vines, though her Purugly defended her. In fact, Roark, Gardenia and Fantina arrived to stop them.[7] Since more Gym Leaders started to gather, Mars faced Gardenia and Crasher Wake. She sent Purugly, Zubat and Bronzor against the duo's Pokémon. Purugly scratched Cherubi, and it went to make another attack, Cherubi fell through a hole. Purugly could not reach Cherubi, since the hole was too small, and Cherubi was healed by Byron before it went back into the fight.[8] However, the Gym Leaders defeated Mars and Purugly.[9]

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