For the other variants of Bronzor belonging to Mars, see Mars' Bronzor.

This Bronzor is a steel/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Mars.


Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and a girl encountered Bronzor at the power plant.[1] Pearl noticed Bronzor belonged to a trainer, who assulted the power plant. Bronzor glowed, and used Gyro Ball, but missed attacking the group. It returned to Mars, its trainer, and used Sandstorm to blow the group inside the power plant with sand.[2]

When Mars introduced herself at Lake Verity, she showed Bronzong and reminded Diamond of the encounter at the Valley Windworks. When Diamond unhanded himself from Mars, she had Bronzong use Gyro Ball at him.[3] Diamond, who spoke with his mother over the phone, remembered Mars' Bronzor, as she was a part of Team Galactic, who, like the villains in the Taurina Omega show, wanted to control the world.[4]

At the Spear Pillar, Mars faced Crasher Wake and Gardenia. She sent Bronzor, Purugly and Zubat against the duo's Pokémon.[5]

In the Distortion World, Mars covered in for Charon. As her Yanmega was put to sleep, Mars sent Bronzor, who used Heal Block on her Blissey, preventing its health recovery.[6] Their battle got interrupted by Giratina, who passed by them.[7]

Known moves

  • Using Gyro Ball
  • Using Sandstorm
  • Using Heal Block

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