For the variant appearing in the games, see Kris (game).

Marina is a character appearing in the special episode The Legend of Thunder!.


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She seems to prefer cute looking Pokémon. Vincent has a crush on Marina, while she has a crush on Jimmy. She also appeared at the beginning of Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, and in the episodes Not on My Watch Ya Don't in a magazine, in A Stand-Up Sit-Down! in a Pokémon Contest video and in Tanks for the Memories on a T-shirt.

She is a friend of Jimmy and helped him, Vincent, and Eusine, called Eugene, saved Raikou from Attila and Hun. When Team Rocket attempted to steal Raikou, they accidentally kidnapped Marina. Marina swiftly opened the door on the truck and told Raikou to jump to freedom while she stayed behind. Later Jimmy called her PokéGear to see if she is okay, but only heard Attila and Hun crushing her phone. They later tied her up, which made Vincent angry. She was released, and joined Jimmy, Vincent and Eusine in their attempt to free Raikou from the crystal's grip. Once Raikou was freed, it ran off into the wild, leaving the trainers to continue their respective journeys.



  • Marina has appeared in one episode of the Diamond and Pearl saga on a magazine featuring the Pokétch. This implies that she has achieved her dream in becoming a Pokémon Star or a Pokémon Idol.
  • In the Master Quest saga, she and Jimmy were mentioned by Vincent to Ash, saying that they both entered the Silver Conference a whole year ahead of Vincent.
  • Marina is based on Kris, the main playable female character in the Heart and Gold series.

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