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These Malamar are wild dark/psychic-type Pokémon who appears in Facing the Grand Design!


The group of Malamar first appeared when one floated by Ash and his friends. Although they were a bit cautious towards it since their previous encounter with one in their travels, they immediately realized they mistook it as the evil Malamar from before as it seemed harmless. They spotted Malamar and a group of multiple Inkay gathering food for the their friends Flabébé, Bidoof, and Ledyba. Ash and friends are relived that these Malamar are really nice. But the good Malamar's peace was disturbed when something strange was happening on Grace Tower.

A strange ball of orange light was shown gathering huge amounts of energy towards to top of the mountain like its forming a time-space warp. As Inkay and the other wild Pokémon watch in confusion, James, Clemont, Meowth, and James' Inkay arrive and told them what's happening after Ash, Bonnie, Serena, Jessie, Wobbuffet, Dedenne, and Officer Jenny were abducted. Although they were skeptical about it at first, but when the evil Malamar came and attacked everyone, they were surprised.

The evil Malamar persuades both Inkay and the good Malamar into joining its dark plan of conquering the world or else their friends will be destroyed. Feeling threatened, the good Malamar and Inkay refused to take part of the action and rebelled against it. Then with no hesitation, they joined forces with Clemont, James, and Meowth to save their friends and stop the evil Malamar's plans. After saving the world, the evil Malamar retreated into the future but swore to return to fight again. With everyone safe, Inkay, the good Malamar, and the other forest Pokémon said good-bye to the gang and continued to live peacefully.

Known moves