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Mahalo Trail is a trail on Melemele Island, which leads to the Ruins of Conflict.


The Mahalo Trail is a mountain trail, the path is filled with small statues on the sides and around it, a vegetation composed of palm trees and shrubs of various sizes, the trail is covered by wooden steps. At the end of it is an area composed of a large waterfall running down the left side of the site, and below it a stream; it is possible to traverse this stream with the Plank Bridge from the beginning of the area to the Ruins of Conflict.


Sun and Moon

After the player character sees Lillie walking up to the trail, he/she follows her to the bridge, where Nebby gets out of Lillie's bag and flies to the middle of the Plank Bridge and its attacked by a bunch of Spearow. Lillie asks the player character to save Nebby; when the player character arrives, Cosmog, the Pokémon, uses a mysterious power that astonishes the Spearow, but also ends up destroying the bridge.

About to fall into the stream, they are saved by Tapu Koko, and the Guardian Deity leaves a Sparkling Stone to the player character.

After Lusamine forces Nebby to open several Ultra Wormholes around Alola, a Buzzwole/Pheromosa appears on Mahalo Trail near to Plank Bridge and battle against Hala and Tapu Koko.

After becoming the champion, during the Festival in Iki Town, Lillie wishes to it to go at the Ruins of Conflict to visit Tapu Koko and informs that the bridge has been fixed, past at Mahalo Trail with Lillie remembering events of the beginning of the games.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The first occurrences on the Mahalo Trail in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are no different, excluding the moment where the player character is attacked by a Spearow when it is about to cross the bridge to save Nebby.

After Necrozma opens several Ultra Wormholes around Alola after absorbing Nebby, a Blacephalon/Stakataka appears on Plank Bridge and is challenged by Hala, Hau and Tapu Koko.

After defeating Gladion at Mount Lanakila, the player character can be found with Lillie and Nebby (now a Solgaleo/Lunala) at Mahalo Trail; Lillie thanks the player character for helping Nebby with Necrozma, but she wishes for he/she to catch Nebby because she thinks Necrozma would be much better with him/her, and will no longer feel so much pain. If the player character doesn't go to Mahalo Trail before the beginning of the Team Rainbow Rocket episode, the player character will need to finish it in order for Lillie to appear on Mahalo Trail again.



Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
021.png Spearow US/UM 4 One

After defeating Gladion/Finishing Team RR episode

Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
791.png Solgaleo US 60 One
792.png Lunala UM 60 One


Item Games Location/Method
Sparkling Stone USUM Sprite.png Sparkling Stone S/M/US/UM Received from Lillie
Electric Seed Sprite.png Electric Seed S/M/US/UM Past Plank Bridge on the right, after the bridge is restored
Solganium Z Sprite.png Solganium Z US From Lillie, after catching Nebby
Lunalium Z Sprite.png Lunalium Z UM From Lillie, after catching Nebby

In other languages

Language Name
English Mahalo Trail
Spanish Senda Mahalo
Italian Sentiero Mahalo
French Sentier de Mahalo
German Mahalo-Bergpfad
Japanese マハロ山道
Korean 마할로 산길
Simplified Chinese 马哈罗山路
Traditional Chinese 馬哈羅山路
Finnish Mahalo-polku
Polish Szlak Mahalo
Portuguese Trilha Mahalo
Russian Тропы Махало