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The Magmarizer is an item introduced in Generation IV.


If a Magmar is holding a Magmarizer while being traded, it evolves into Magmortar, consuming the item.


Games Location
DP Held by wild Magby (5% in Diamond, 50% in Pearl)
Pt Route 214
Held by wild Magmar (5%)
HGSS Cinnabar Island
BW Dug by the treasure hunter on Route 13
B2W2 Plasma Frigate (Black 2 only)
Join Avenue antique shop
XY Battle Maison (32 BP)
ORAS Battle Maison (32 BP)
Held by wild Magby (5%)
SMUSUM Seafolk Village
Battle Tree (32 BP)
Held by wild Magby (5%) and wild Magmar (5%)
SWSHCT Tunnel to the Top
Held by wild Magby (5%), wild Magmar (5%) and wild Magmortar (5%)