Magic Guard is an ability that allows only attacks to damage the Pokémon; it will not receive damage from status moves like Curse, the weather conditions Sandstorm and Hail, the status effects burn and poison or from held items, such as Life Orb. Nor will it receive any damage from entry hazards such as spikes, toxic spikes, or stealth rocks. There are exceptions to this, however. Magic Guard prevents most recoil damage, but does not prevent recoil damage from Struggle. Damage from confusion still occurs. Magic Guard does not prevent loss of HP from Pain Split. In Mystery Dungeon 2, a Pokémon with this ability can still lose HP and faint from hunger.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#035 Clefairy 035.png Type Fairy.gif
#036 Clefable 036.png Type Fairy.gif
#173 Cleffa 173.png Type Fairy.gif
#561 Sigilyph 561.png Type Psychic.gifType Flying.gif
#577 Solosis 577.png Type Psychic.gif
#578 Duosion 578.png Type Psychic.gif
#579 Reuniclus 579.png Type Psychic.gif


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#063 Abra 063.png Type Psychic.gif
#064 Kadabra 064.png Type Psychic.gif
#065 Alakazam 065.png Type Psychic.gif


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