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Magearna is a steel/fairy-type Mythical Pokémon that appears in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel.


Magearna is a kind and compassion looking after Pokémon that came to her care. Unlike Volcanion, Magearna was trustful of humans; agreeing to shake Ash's hand when they first met and Chymia when she told Magearna, that she was a descendant of her playmate 500 years ago.

Magearna dislikes being called heavy.


Magearna was created 500 years ago by the creator of the Azoth Kingdom named Nikola. Who not only created Magearna but other mechanical marvels that made the kingdom prosper. Shortly, after Magearna's creation Nikola presented her to the royal family and she became the princess's playmate and protector.

However, one of Nikola's inventions harbored a deadly secret apart of the kingdom's wall could be turned into a flying fortress powered by Magearna's source of the Soul-Heart. Then, the people became power hungry over who would have this kind of power. Seeing one of his inventions used to bring misery and pain instead of happiness to his people. Magearna was sent to Nebel Plateau to be safe away from those who'd use Magearna's Soul-Heart for evil ever again.

After, Nikola's departure from Magearna, she was met upon by Volcanion to whom he took to his home and became the best of friends. She was enjoying her days of playing and taking care of all of the Pokémon that came to Nebel Plateau while being watched by Volcanion. As time goes by her original color be to fade away for unknown reason.

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