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This Granbull is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Madame Muchmoney.


Granbull as a Snubbull was very interested in other Pokemon's tails especially Meowth's. It was the main reason for Snubbull to leave Madame Muchmoney to follow Team Rocket to continue looking for Meowth's tail.

However in her final appearance in Trouble with a Snubbull, she heard Meowth's hated words about her and as a result she was left heartbroken until her anger explodes when reunited with Meowth who serves as a bait for Jessie and James that causes her to evolve into a Granbull. After being evolved and being catched by her owner Madame Muchmoney, Granbull is now extremely loyal to her master and she remains with her to make as a great team.


She used to live with Madame Muchmoney and lived a pampered life, but never had any real freedom. Upon seeing Meowth's tail, she ran after Team Rocket for the sole purpose of biting his tail because she loved to bite tails. After Madame Muchmoney promised to give her more freedom, she went back home with her owner. She was seen again fighting with her new rival, the recurring Jigglypuff.

In her final appearance of Trouble with a Snubbull, She even got sick because of Meowth hated words and its says, "I hate this stupid Snubbull!" Afterwards, a bunch of Mankey attack her after she mistakes it as Meowth's tail as she was found by Ash, Misty, Brock, Jeeves and it's owner Madame Muchmoney. It was soon evolved during her encounter with Meowth (a.k.a. her lost love) after she becomes angry from his words earlier. Team Rocket decided to trap her and give her to the Madame Muchmoney for a reward. However, Granbull saw the machine's tail shaped like Meowth's and did not let go of it. The heroes battled them. When Meowth accidentally push the button by launching the tail, Madame Muchmoney manages to save Granbull. She asks Granbull if she is okay as she finally remains loyal to her master and they are ready to fight Team Rocket. Granbull fought the machine using Take Down followed by a Tackle to knock back down and finally using Dynamic Punch to destroy it. Once the trouble was gone, Granbull decided to remain with the Madame Muchmoney.

Known moves



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