Macro Cosmos is an organization based in the Galar region.

It serves as the major antagonist in the latter half of Pokémon Sword and Shield's main story. However, as with the Aether Foundation before them, their antagonism stems not from their goal (solve an upcoming energy crisis a millenium in advance), but from how they're trying to achieve said goal (by summoning the dangerous and powerful Eternatus, causing an event known as the Darkest Day). They reform after seeing how powerful Eternatus is, with Leon taking over the company, as Rose Tower is now owned by him and has become the Battle Tower.

The company offers Poké Jobs, even after Rose turns himself in, strongly suggesting that they still exist and weren't disbanded.


Macro Cosmos has 14 subsidiaries, some of which sponsor gyms (both major and minor league) throughout the Galar region:

  • Macro Cosmos Air (Flying-type sponsor)
  • Macro Cosmos Bank (Dragon-type sponsor)
  • Macro Cosmos Construction (Fighting-type sponsor)
  • Macro Cosmos Energy (Electric-type sponsor)
  • Macro Cosmos Living
  • Macro Cosmos Rail
  • Macro Cosmos Tech
  • Macro Cosmos Television
  • Macro Net
  • MCA Cargo
  • MC Brokerage
  • MC Insurance (Ghost-type sponsor)
  • MCR Freight


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