This Weavile is a dark/ice-type Pokémon owned by Mable.


XY107 13

Weavile cuts off the vines binding Druddigon.

Mable had Weavile attack Z-2, who tried to escape. Weavile attempted to attack, but Z-2 emitted a pulse, canceling the attack. Z-2 transformed itself into the hound form and attacked Aliana and her Druddigon. Weavile retaliated with Metal Claw, but missed. Using Dragon Pulse and Land's Wrath, Z-2 managed to defeat Aliana and Mable. Mable and Aliana continued their search for Z-2 and found it in the hands of Team Rocket. Mable had Weavile attack Team Rocket, along with Aliana's Druddigon, but Jessie had her Gourgeist use Seed Bomb in retaliation, allowing Team Rocket to escape. Just as Team Rocket was to capture Z-2, Weavile used Ice Beam to freeze the Jessie's hand. Weavile pursued Team Rocket and froze them with Icy Wind. Druddigon and Weavile managed to defeat James' Inkay, while Gourgeist used Leech Seed on Druddigon. Weavile cut the roots using Metal Claw, setting Druddigon free. Once Z-2 was captured by Team Flare, Team Rocket tried to attack, but were blasted off by Druddigon's Slash and Weavile's Metal Claw.[1]

Weavile fired Ice Shard to stop the helicopter from landing at Lysandre Labs. Serena's Braixen launched Flamethrower to stop Weavile's Ice Shard, but Weavile's Icy Wind damaged the helicopter. Fortunately, Steven arrived on his Mega Metagross and attacked Weavile, then used Meteor Mash to nearly crush them. Mable was joined by some grunts, whose Sneasel and Houndoom fired Dark Pulse, along with Weavile's Icy Wind. However, Mega Metagross stopped the attacks with Flash Cannon.[2] Mable teamed up with Celosia and had Weavile use Ice Beam, along with Drapion's Sludge Bomb. However, Jessie's Wobbuffet reflected the attacks back, which hit Weavile and Drapion. Soon after, Celosia, Mable and their Pokémon were captured in James' net.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Metal Claw
  • Using Ice Beam
  • Using Icy Wind
  • Using Ice Shard


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