This Mawile is a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Mabel.


Battling against Korrina's Mega Lucario.

Mable's Mawile can Mega Evolve. When Ash and company arrived at Pomace Mountain where Mabel lived, Korrina challenged her to a battle. Mabel Mega Evolved Mawile, who dodged Mega Lucario's Power-Up Punch. Mega Lucario attempted to attack with Bone Rush, but missed and got hit by Mega Mawile's Iron Head. Mega Lucario became furious and attacked with Power-Up Punch, but missed and got defeated by Mega Mawile's Fairy Wind. Later on, Mawile and Ash's Pikachu were captured by Team Rocket trio, though Mega Lucario freed both of them, after having control of its aura. Mabel Mega Evolved her Mawile, who used Fairy Wind to counter Pumpkaboo's Dark Pulse, allowing Mega Lucario to use Aura Sphere to blast Team Rocket off.

Known moves


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