For other versions of Pyroar belonging to Lysandre, see Lysandre's Pyroar.

This Pyroar is a fire/normal-type Pokémon owned by Lysandre.


Lysandre sent Pyroar to intimidate Tierno, Shauna and Trevor, wanting to see pictures Trevor took in Vaniville Town. Fortunately for the kids, Diantha arrived with her Gardevoir, claiming Lysandre has frightened the children too much.[1] Malva stood by Lysandre's painting with Pyroar and exclaimed she was his equal.[2]

After X infiltrated Team Flare's headquarters, he faced Lysandre and sent his Salamè to battle Lysandre's Pyroar.[3] To continue his battle against Lysandre, X called his Marisso and Salamè back and sent Elec, Lasma and Kanga. Pyroar used Hyper Voice to attack. Pyroar then started emitting heat, which started to burn Kanga and Lil' Kanga and knocked them away.[4] After Shauna, Tierno and Trevor arrived to Lysandre's chamber, they noticed Lysandre, Pyroar, Mega Gyarados and Mienfoo, who managed to defeat X and his Pokémon.[5]

Lysandre sent Pyroar to battle against Mega Mewtwo.[6][7] To stop Lysandre, Y had her Mega Absol bite his arm. Pyroar used Noble Roar to stop Solsol, who succeeded in taking Lysandre's Key Stone from his finger. With five Mega Evolved Pokémon, X charged in to defeat Lysandre and his Pokémon.[8] In the end, both of them were defeated by Blue and Mega Mewtwo.[9]

Known moves

  • Using Hyper Voice

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