This Midday Lycanroc is a Rock-type Pokémon that appeared in Rocking Clawmark Hill!.


Both Lycanroc in their Midday and Midnight forms appeared at the top of Clawmark Hill as the lead Pokémon of the training area. They both let out a loud howl summoning a huge group of wild Pokémon including Ash's Rockruff. The two Lycanroc started the first training session of the night and after their training was done. The two commenced the other Pokémon to start their training, they even watched Rockruff's battle against Magmar and saw it lose. When the Lycanroc summoned the wild Pokémon again to start another training session, Rockruff appeared for a rematch and this time defeated Magmar. The two Lycanroc congratulated the puppy Pokémon with a victory howl.

Known moves

  • Using Rock Throw
  • Using Accelerock
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