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For the variant appearing in the games, see Lusamine.

Lusamine is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. She's the mother of Gladion and Lillie and the leader of the Aether Foundation.


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Lusamine has blonde long hair with silver streaks and green eyes. She wears a white dress with a diamond badge on it, black and white leggings, and boots of the same color, with green soles. Her boots have a medium-height yellow heel to them.

When Lusamine fuses with a Nihilego, she transforms into a dark-colored version of the Ultra Beast with her upper torso in the bell, her legs hanging out of the body, and several eyes on her tentacles with gem-shaped pupils. Her hair turns black with blond streaks and her eyes are yellow.

In a flashback, she wore a black bikini.


Lusamine is seen as a very serious and determined woman due to her role as the leader alongside her members, Professor Burnet, Wicke and Faba from the Aether Foundation.

Upon her family, she can be very ditsy similar to Lola's when she keeps doting towards her daughter Lillie, like messing around with her hair.

Like Aria, Lusamine is constantly getting abrupt phone calls from her cellphone due to her busy works at the foundation, which makes her unable to spend more time with her children.

When Faba uses Nebby's power to open the gate of Nihilego's dimension, Lusamine is not without her darker side upon happily seeing Nihilego enter the Pokémon world. However, she manages to snap out of her darker side and focus on the safety of her children.

As Ash and the gang entered the Ultra Space with Nebby, Lusamine's darker side of her personality ended up becoming a perfect subject of Nihilego's fusion with her, corrupting her will completely.

After the fusion with Nihilego is complete, she started acting like a child and kept telling her children as well as Ash and the gang to go away. Although, she was soon ensnared and engulfed by Nihilego when she is progressively regaining her will and recognizes her love for her children until Ash defeats it to rescue her. Once she is finally diffuses with Nihilego from its defeat, Lusamine also became deeply emotional towards her children upon their reunion once more.


Lusamine was wed to Mohn. However, due to Mohn's determination to become stronger in Pokémon battles, he nearly missed his wedding ceremony with Lusamine.[1]

One day, Gladion informed his mother, Lusamine that their little baby princess, Lillie, was crying. Mohn pat Gladion on the head, which made Gladion happy for the compliment, while Lusamine and Mohn comforted Lillie, cheering her up. Mohn also lifted Gladion up to see Lillie smiling, to remember the moment as the time they were a united family, with their Pokémon Eevee and Zoroark.[2] Some time later, Gladion and Lusamine entered Mohn's room. The two were fascinated to see baby Lillie being able to walk, and Mohn mentioned she just learned how to do that. While Lusamine was disappointed not being on time to see how she did that, Gladion and Mohn nevertheless praised baby Lillie.[3]

When Lusamine was a young woman, she was a part of a research team in Aether Foundation alongside Faba and Wicke, led by her husband, Mohn. One day, however, while studying Ultra Wormholes, Mohn was pulled into the Ultra Wormhole, which devastated her. Wicke and Faba held Lusamine back to prevent more casualties, and she believed that Mohn had passed away in that incident.[4] As Mohn disappeared in the incident involving the Ultra Wormhole,[5] Lusamine, to remember him, kept a picture of their wedding in her office.[4][6]

Lusamine was told a story of the Radiant One, who had created Alola, from her father,[7] and she also told this legend to her children, Gladion and Lillie.[8] Lusamine used to spend lots of time with her children, Lillie and Gladion, as well as their Pokémon. The family used to take lots of pictures together, which Lusamine treasures them by putting them in her office in Aether Paradise.[6] When Lillie was absent, Lusamine had Clefairy evolve into a Clefable, by touching a Moon Stone. Lillie, who found out Clefable evolved, was furious, as the former form was much cuter to her.[9]

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Lillie kept a picture of her family in her room, as Lusamine was working elsewhere.[10][11]

One day, Lusamine gathered Faba, Wicke and Professor Burnet at the Altar of the Sunne. Lusamine herself was anxious to study the Ultra Beasts, on the sacred site of the Guardian Deities, and the place where her father had battled the Pokémon. Burnet explained she did trace some Ultra energies leading to this place, but Faba doubted her, thinking her equipment was faulty. Lusamine shushed Faba, and the team continued to explore the area. Later, Burnet reported the Ultra energy coming from Melemele Island, and the team went to Professor Kukui's house. There, Lusamine was reunited with her daughter Lillie. Lusamine tried to hug Lillie, who avoided her, as Lusamine treated her like a baby. Lusamine was nevertheless pleased to see that Lillie was able to touch Snowy, her Alolan Vulpix. Lusamine hugged Lillie, who was annoyed by her mother, due to the past incident involving Cleffa's evolution.

Lusamine lets Ash take care of Nebby.

Lusamine then turned to Ash, and introduced her scientist team, and asked of Ash to show them the new Pokémon. Ash showed them Nebby, to which she confirmed that it was an Ultra Beast. On a computer, Lusamine showed everyone a mural depicting the Ultra Beasts battling the Guardian Deities. Lillie remembered the Ultra Beasts were creatures from another world. Lusamine praised her for studying hard, which made Lillie frown, considering Lusamine didn't support her going to school. Ash mentioned the place - Altar of the Sunne - was the place from his dream, where the two Legendary Pokémon appeared. Lusamine noted the importance of that dream, and asked of Ash to let them take care of Nebby. Ash refused, as he promised to Solgaleo and Lunala from his dream that he'd take care of it. Lusamine saw his determination, and let Ash keep Nebby (much to Faba's disapproval), but asked of him to contact the Aether Foundation if something happened to it.[9]

Lusamine hugs her daughter for her accomplishment.

Per Faba's wishes, the heroes, upon arriving to Aether Paradise, went to see Lusamine in her mansion. Upon their arrival at her mansion, Lusamine met them, but was constantly received abrupt phone calls due to her busy work at the foundation, much to Lillie's disappointment. Regardless, she let the heroes eat snacks, and asked them about Lillie's progress in school. Lillie was surprised, thinking her mother invited them just to ask that question. Lusamine pointed out she could spend some more time with her daughter and her friends among this place while working, and promised to give them a tour around the facility. Lusamine received another call, prompting Lillie to give a tour on her own. After the heroes rescued a rogue Ditto, Wicke explained Lusamine had been working on releasing the Pokémon of the facility, once they recovered. Ash saw Lusamine was cool, and Lillie saw he was right. However, once Lusamine came, she hugged Lillie in concern, who brushed her off, since they rescued Ditto already. Lusamine hugged her once more, but received another phone call, which annoyed Lillie even more.[12]

Upon seeing Hobbes filming her, Lillie went to contact her mother, who asked Hobbes to do that. Lusamine called Lillie as "her baby", which made Lillie upset; Lusamine admitted she wanted to see how Lillie interacted with Pokémon. Lillie replied she could at least visit. Due to the abrupt phone calls, Lillie yelled at her mother, berating her about putting her responsibilities of her job before her family, and closed the link.[13] Gladion went to Aether Paradise where he saw his mother, Lusamine, in her office. Gladion angrily demanded to know where Silvally was, but Lusamine was completely unaware of the situation. Though she remembered that it was a Pokémon that Faba created to fight Ultra Beasts, Faba had told her that the project failed. Gladion assumed that Faba had been lying, because Silvally had saved Lillie from an Ultra Beast a few years ago.

While the two were searching for Silvally in Faba's office, Gladion informed Lusamine of the incident that happened a few years ago. Gladion furiously pointed out the Lusamine should've known this despite Faba's lies, and chastised her for her obsession with Ultra Beasts caused Lillie to become unable to touch Pokémon. Lusamine apologized to him, but Gladion stated that he was not the one that she should apologize to. Gladion finds Silvally's Premiere Ball, but heard an alarm coming from the basement. Gladion and Lusamine rushed down there, where they found Lillie being held in the air by Faba's Alakazam's Psychic, and Ash, Pikachu, Snowy, and Nebby being held down by Faba's Hypno's Psychic. Lusamine watched as Gladion's Silvally evolved, rescued Lillie and subdued Faba. Having learned that the whole ordeal was a misunderstanding, Lillie apologized to Silvally and thanked it for saving her twice, and gave Silvally a hug, much to everyone's surprise.[6]

Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet were aware Faba was gone, and reminded they had to be aware of Ultra Beasts. Nevertheless, Lusamine blamed herself as being a bad parent, and considered herself lucky that Silvally saved her daughter. Lusamine, in her office, was visited by Gladion, who asked if they found Faba. Lusamine denied, and as Gladion was about to continue his search, Lusamine wanted to thank Gladion and to report they were still searching for Faba, but Gladion ignored her and left. Later, when Faba took Nebby away, Ash, Lillie and Gladion went to the Aether Foundation, where they informed Lusamine of the incident. Along the to the basement, Gladion assumed that Faba plan was to use Nebby to summon another Ultra Beast.[14]

To protect her children, Lusamine lets herself get abducted.

When they arrived in the basement, they saw Faba using a machine, trapping Nebby and using its power to create an Ultra Wormhole. Lusamine hugged her daughter to protect her, and demanded Faba to stop his research. While the boys attacked Faba's machine, setting Nebby free, Faba claimed Lusamine wanted to meet the Ultra Beast. Upon Nebby's evolution, the Ultra Wormhole opened, and an Ultra Beast descended down. Lusamine was amused, but still scolded Faba for putting her children in danger. She tried to have her Clefable push the Ultra Beast away with Dazzling Gleam, but it drained Clefable off its life force. When the Ultra Beast went to attack Lillie and Gladion, Lusamine pushed the latter out of the way and was taken away through the Ultra Wormhole, leaving Lillie and Gladion horrified.[14]

Lusamine, fused with the UB01: Symbiont.

By the time Ash and the group, including her children, entered the UB01: Symbiont's dimension in order to rescue her, Lusamine was fused with the Ultra Beast. She tried to run off, yelling at the children to stay away from her. Gladion believed the Ultra Beast was draining her energy, making her act erratically. She conjured rocks as obstacles, trying to distance herself from them. Gladion feared her true behavior was to learn more of the Ultra Beasts, and would not diffuse, instead of being mind-controlled. Since the group pursued her to rescue her, Lusamine continued hovering, yelling how she hated all of them. Lusamine used five of her Pokémon to battle them: Absol, Clefable, Milotic, Mismagius, Lilligant and Salazzle. Gladion believed that her Pokémon were being possessed by the Ultra Beast, too, so Kiawe took on Salazzle, whereas Sophocles, Lana and Mallow teamed up against Lilligant, Milotic and Mismagius, while Gladion faced Absol and Lillie tried to stop Clefable. Ash, riding Nebby, went with Pikachu to stop Lusamine.[15]

Lusamine created a toxic pool to block Ash, Pikachu and Nebby upon confronting them. Nebby crossed to the safe ground, evading Lusamine's attacks. Despite Ash's efforts to rescue as Pikachu dispersed its attacks, Lusamine knocked Ash until the arrival of her children, Lillie and Gladion, as well as Lusamine's Clefable, Ash's Lycanroc and Gladion's Silvally. After Gladion reminded Ash their mother could no longer to reasoned with, due to being fused with UB01: Symbiont. Lillie personally confronted Lusamine, climbing up the rocks Lusamine created. Lillie yelled out how much she hated her mother's corrupted personality, and reminded her mother of how she always treated her like a baby. However, she pointed out Lusamine was even more of a spoiled person than her daughter since she had kept her research on Ultra Beasts for a very long time.

Lusamine diffused with the Ultra Beast.

Lillie stated that she may be a strong person, but due to her obsessions with Ultra Beasts, she was nothing more than a puppet who could not let herself move on her own. Lillie begged her mother to come out of UB01: Symbiont and let her obsessions go. But just as Lusamine was about to reach out to her daughter, UB01: Symbiont refused to release her and engulfed her inside its bell. Lillie was nearly attacked, but Gladion saved her, and devised a plan to distract UB01: Symbiont. Ash's Z-Crystal changed, and he had the Z-Power pass onto Pikachu to use the Z-Move that is 100 times stronger than Thunderbolt. With UB01: Symbiont defeated, Gladion and Lillie pulled Lusamine out of it, causing it to diffuse with her.

After UB01: Symbiont floated away, Lusamine finally reunited with her children as she emotionally apologized for not spending time together as a family, with Lillie tearfully hugging her mother. They returned in the Pokémon World via Ultra Wormhole to Altar of the Sunne, where Professor Kukui and Burnet were glad to see the group succeeded in rescuing Lusamine.[16] Lusamine attended Professor Kukui and Burnet's wedding. She had Faba apologize to the heroes, and ordered from then on, he was Wicke's subordinate. In addition, Lusamine warned there could be more Ultra Beasts that could appear in Alola. For having fought the Ultra Beast they named as Nihilego, she invited the group to be part of Ultra Guardians, who would help send Ultra Beasts back to their home world. The group accepted the proposal, and Lillie was glad her mother decided to continue working, even after the incident.[17]

Lusamine contacts the Ultra Guardians for their first mission.

Lusamine called upon the Ultra Guardians, who took an elevator in their school to their base. Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet contacted them through a screen, and informed them a new Ultra Beast they named as Buzzwole came through an Ultra Wormhole, near a filming set of Alola Detective Laki series. She let Rotom download the info on Buzzwole, and they decided to have Ultra Beasts being classified as Pokémon. She reminded the importance of catching Ultra Beasts and sending them back to their homeworld, hence why they designed Beast Balls - Poké Balls that can effectively catch an Ultra Beast. Knowing they did well against Nihilego, Lusamine had full trust in Ultra Guardians in succeeding the mission, who replied "Ult-roger". The group did catch Buzzwole, and regrouped with Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet, the latter setting the equipment up to conjure the Ultra Wormhole. They watched Buzzwole returning to its homeworld, and Lusamine commended the group for their success.[18]

Once Ash and others have discovered a purplish being, Lusamine and others reported to the group they have analyzed the being and named it Poipole. They confirmed it was an Ultra Beast, and let Rotom update its information on it. Since they did not know the location of the Ultra Wormhole, through which Poipole went through, Lusamine permitted Ash to catch it. She watched as Ash struggled to catch Poipole, until the latter let itself be caught by touching Ash's Poké Ball.[19] After a report of a civilian of a whereabouts of a giant being, Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet contacted the Ultra Guardians. They showed the footage of the being, and decided to name it Celesteela, after the tale of Celeste.

The Ultra Guardians admitted they saw Celesteela before, since Sophocles believed it to be Celeste from the tale and dug it out. Wicke believed it was the same Celesteela from 200 years ago, while Burnet reminded Celesteela collected gas and could fire it out to fly up, and burn everything underneath. Lusamine noted Sophocles had a special connection towards Celesteela, who admitted he just wanted to let it fly back towards the moon. Burnet advised catching Celesteela, as Wicke believed releasing it elsewhere should protect the surroundings. Lusamine dispatched the group, who went to deal with Celesteela. The trio watched Celesteela's launch; Burnet and Wicke were amazed, but Lusamine was nevertheless glad the group solved the problem in their own way.[20]

Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet called upon the Ultra Guardians, and showed that the colorful creature that the heroes saw the day earlier was an Ultra Beast, named Blacephalon. The scientists were searching for the location of its Ultra Wormhole, and let Rotom download the data they have found so far. The power suddenly blacked out, but this didn't prevent Lusamine to order the Ultra Guardians to find Blacephalon on Route 3. As the Ultra Guardians found a new creature at the power plant, Lusamine reported to the Ultra Guardians that was a new Ultra Beast that drained electricity. She responded that the Electric-type Ultra Beast was Xurkitree, who actually tried to make a better performance than Blacephalon did, and due to the latter's explosions, Xurkitree's Ultra Wormhole had been opened. Wicke feared for the electricity drains, so Lusamine contacted the authorities to stop the distribution of electricity. In the end, Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet were impressed by the display the Ultra Guardians had made, and were pleased that the children, who were growing up, resolved the situation.[21]

Upon seeing a drawing that Poipole had made, Ash contacted Lusamine. Wicke thought that the drawing was romantic, while Faba was not impressed by her unscientific remark. Lusamine, however, noted Poipole was intelligent being, and asked of Ash to continue observing Poipole's behavior.[22] Lusamine contacted the Ultra Guardians about a new Ultra Beast. Much to their shock, it was the same thing they encountered earlier, named Stakataka, which they believed it to be a vaulting horse. The next day, the heroes encountered the angry Stakataka at the construction site, and were warned by Wicke that it hated anything to be placed atop of it. Eventually, Stakataka was captured, and Lusamine oversaw that it was released into the Ultra Wormhole at the Pokémon School.[23]

One day, Lusamine was feeling down, whom her scientists told about an Ultra Wormhole that was sucking up the Ultra Aura, instead of releasing it. She contacted the heroes, but was scolded by Lillie for having a bad hair. Lusamine asked of them to come to Poni Island's Altar of the Sunne. There, Lusamine, Burnet, Wicke and Faba awaited the Ultra Guardians, who were joined by a new member, Gladion. Burnet explained the Ultra Wormhole was draining the Ultra Aura, and Lusamine believed that was the reason why anyone but children and Pokémon were drained. To find the location, the Ultra Guardians had their Z-Moves launched at Faba's machine, which cleared the skies. While the scientists were researching, Lusamine showed a ruin inside the altar, showing the Radiant One. She believed the mystery could be solved if they could decipher the ancient code. Suddenly, Wicke called everyone to come back, as everyone saw Lunala emerging from the Ultra Wormhole with the dark Ultra Beast.[8]

After Lunala and the Ultra Beast began to fight, Lusamine ordered the Ultra Guardians to assist Lunala in the battle. However, she and the rest of the scientists grudgingly followed them in the helicopter. After the Ultra Beast fuseed with Nebby and escaped through the Ultra Wormhole, Lusamine and the others took Lunala to the Pokémon School to recover. Since they had little info on the Ultra Beast, she named it as "UB: Black". However, she suspected there was a connection with the Radiant One and UB: Black, due to having the same symbol, and noted they had to decipher the mural. As Faba reported about Team Rocket's presence, Lusamine briefly left with the scientists to determine what to do.[24]

Lusamine is surprised to hear that the children will go to save Solgaleo beyond the Ultra Wormhole.

As Lunala shattered the glass, the adults came in to see what happened, and the Ultra Guardians informed them they wanted to go through the Ultra Wormhole to save Nebby. Lusamine refused to have them travel through the portal, since it was dangerous, but Gladion reminded they did go to the Ultra Beasts' world to save her. Lusamine saw his point, and let the group save Nebby. However, she expected their safe return from the world beyond the portal. She coordinated the efforts of the rest of the group: while Kukui and Faba went to intercept Team Rocket, Burnet investigated the cipher of the mural, and Wicke tried to contact the Ultra Guardians. Once Burnet found out that UB: Black was the Radiant One, Lusamine noted there was a hidden meaning to the legend her father ahd told her: the humans and Pokémon gave some of their energies to restore the Radiant One in the past.[7]

Lusamine, Burnet and Wicke saw Tapu Koko making a pose, as it shared some of its Ultra Aura to the Radiant One. Wicke managed to contact the Ultra Guardians, who explained the Radiant One, named Necrozma, lost its light. Seeing they had to share their own Ultra Aura, too, Lusamine informed the Ultra Guardians, as well as the Island Kahuna, to make the pose to share their energies. Lusamine did the pose with her scientists, and sent the Ultra Aura through the Ultra Wormhole. Their efforts allowed Necrozma to regain its light, and the situation was resolved. However, Lusamine warned the Ultra Guardians that the Ultra Wormhole was going to close, and in the end, she saw them coming out of the portal.[25]

Lusamine watched the children acting in a play at the Pokémon School, and had Hobbes record it on camera. She also met Ash's mom, Delia Ketchum, and thanked her for her son, who helped her out in numerous occasions. At the end of the school play, she cheered for Lillie for a great performance.[26] Some days later, Lusamine contacted the group, and requested them to do a task. She explained there was a strange activity on Akala Island's Wela Volcano, where a lot of magnetic fields started were emitted. Since that could affect their equipment on detecting Ultra Aura, Lusamine wanted the Ultra Guardians to investigate more. The group complied, and found out that some miners have driven out the Geodude and Graveler out of the mines, as they were the ones to emit the magnetic aura. Lusamine thanked the Ultra Guardians for the successful mission, and decided to request a patrol around the volcano, to ensure such activity wouldn't occur.[27]

Eventually, Lusamine noted that the events during the Manalo Festival were important for Alola's history, she had Lillie find Ash and take him to Aether Paradise to record his experience during his time in Necrozma's world. Ash complied, and went to the organization with Rotom, who transmitted the data that it gathered in that world, to which Lusamine gave her gratitude to. Later, when Faba reported a Stufful was missing, realizing that it would soon be released into the wild, Lusamine issued a search throughout the entire organization. She found it was "taken" by Team Rocket, and watched as they were taken, along with Stufful, by the latter's mother, Bewear.[28]

Lusamine had the Ultra Guardians dispatched in the middle of the night to catch an Ultra Beast that attacked Hala. The next day, she apologized to the children, since they became sleep deprived. Burnet showed some of the photos of the Ultra Beast, which were muffled. Lusamine stated the Ultra Beast attacked trainers with Z-Crystals and stole them, while Wicke added that they nicknamed it as Pheromosa. Burnet reminded of the damage that Pheromosa could cause, and once the Ultra Guardians were prepared, Lusamine dispatched them to their mission to capture that Ultra Beast. Due to her speed, the Ultra Guardians could not catch Pheromosa, and was why Wicke had Faba demonstrate a sticky trap to slow Pheromosa down. At the end of the day, as the Ultra Guardians captured Pheromosa, Lusamine and the scientists were at the site to open the Ultra Wormhole, to return Pheromosa to her homeworld.[29]

Lusamine was in her office with Burnet when Gladion arrived. The latter explained that Hapu told him that Tapu Fini did not conjure the spirit of his father, since he was alive. This excited Lusamine to know her husband was still out there.[4] Professor Kukui gathered the Island Kahuna, as well as Lusamine, to tell them about the idea of an Alola Pokémon League. Lusamine pledged her support, and gathered with the rest on Aether Paradise Island, where Kukui announced the opening of the Alola Pokémon League. Lillie was surprised, since Lusamine had not told her anything about this. Lusamine told that the Aether Foundation funded his idea, as she unveiled a stadium. She told that while it was still under construction, it would become the symbol of the Alola Pokémon League.[30]

Lusamine looks at her wedding picture.

Lusamine was looking at her pictures, when Wicke and Burnet visited her in her office. The two reported that they contacted other branches of Aether Paradise, but they still have not found Mohn yet. Wicke noted that Lusamine's children were eager to find more about their father, which Burnet confirmed, since Gladion excitedly came to the office with good news. The group went to see Lillie and Gladion, who were helping Faba search for documents on Mohn, and Lusamine wanted to show her children something. She and her children went to the mansion, where she had Hobbes open a secret room behind a staircase. She explained that was her husband's room, and Gladion remembered it to be the place of the memory where his father pet him. Lusamine also described him as a trainer.

However, after his disappearance, Lusamine was too depressed to look after his Pokémon, who disappeared, and blamed herself for not realizing that Mohn was alive. Lillie comforted her, and Lusamine hugged her, stating she was her "little baby", which annoyed Lillie. Lusamine asked herself why did children have to grow up, even if she was grateful that they rescued her from the Ultra Space. As Lillie opened a closet, the group saw an inactive Magearna. Lusamine wondered why did Lillie open that closet, who could not explain her feeling. Lusamine, however, described that Mohn got Magearna as a present to Lillie, their little princess. Later, Lusamine and Gladion visited Lillie, who was looking through Mohn's notebook. The two were pleased to see that Lillie got permission to use the Z-Ring. When Lillie told that she'd activate Magearna, which amazed Lusamine, while Gladion noted Lillie had already become a bit stronger.[4]

Lusamine and her scientists contacted the Ultra Guardians. They showed a video, where a bladed Ultra Beast sliced Viren's golden statue in half, and showed many other examples. Wicke explained they named it Kartana. Since they had no idea from which Ultra Wormhole it came from, Lusamine wanted the Ultra Guardians to capture it. As the Ultra Guardians were trying to capture Kartana, Lusamine contacted them again, ordering them to abort the mission, for a meteor was heading towards their school. To save the people, Faba had an evacuation order issued at the Pokémon School and its surroundings. In the end, the Ultra Guardians, with Kartana's help, destroyed the meteor. Burnet became angry that the children did such a dangerous thing, but was relieved that they succeeded. They also noticed Kartana cutting through air to form an Ultra Wormhole, which led them to believe it actually cut a rift in space to pass through.[31] Eventually, he admitted his goal to his mother: to find his father's Zoroark, who would help him in the search for his father. Lusamine expressed her relief to Gladion, for she felt guilty for not taking care of that Pokémon when Mohn had disappeared.[2]

Faba went with Lusamine, Wicke and Burnet to Manalo Stadium, where the Alola Pokémon was going to be held. Lusamine thought Faba would've joined the tournament, who simply stated he preferred watching battles instead. The group watched Kukui's speech, and Faba and Burnet became extremely pleased that the Masked Royal would face the first Alola Champion, once the tournament was over. This inspired Faba to take some time off work and train for the Alola Pokémon League. The women pointed out he recently stated he was going to watch the battles, but Faba pretended that he never said that.[2] Lusamine, Wicke, Professor Burnet and Rotom watched the preliminary round of the Alola Pokémon League. The group was excited that the Pokémon League started, and saw their favorite participants, except Faba. They watched that the children were doing well in the Battle Royale, and Rotom noted their training has paid off. They also noticed Faba, whose Alakazam defeated a Boldore. At the end of the preliminary round, the group was pleased that the class had passed the round.[32]

Lusamine and her scientists cheer for their children.

She was watching the first round of battles during the Pokémon League and cheered enthusiastically for her children, which embarrassed them.[33] During Lusamine's children's battle, the Aether Foundation scientists cheered for both "Master" Gladion and "Lady" Lillie, much to their embarrassment. Despite Gladion having won the battle, Lusamine started crying, and wished that her husband, Mohn, could see how great his children grew up.[34] Lusamine was concerned over Gladion, who was to face DeJames. Burnet stated she didn't have to worry, for Gladion was a powerful trainer, though assumed it was natural for parents to worry over their children. As Gladion won the battle, Lusamine and Burnet spinned around themselves as they cheered for Gladion's victory.[35] Lusamine, Wicke, Faba, Professor Burnet and her Munchlax were watching Ash's battle against Hau.[36]

Lusamine and the rest of the scientists were watching the semi-finals, featuring Gladion and Kiawe.[37] Lusamine was intrigued to see Kiawe's Turtonator launching an Inferno Overdrive Z-Move on Gladion's Silvally, who endured the attack. Later, she was watching Ash's battle against Guzma.[38] Guzma glared Lusamine and others, as he continued his battle with Ash.[39] Lusamine and Lillie approached Gladion at evening, and commented he was working hard to train. Gladion replied he had to do his best before the final battle against Ash that would happen the next day. Lusamine smiled, and compared Gladion to his father, Mohn, for he, too, was quite determined to train his Pokémon for battles. Still, Lusamine admitted she was excited for her son's battle against Ash. The next day, Lusamine, with her scientists, were watching the final battle. When Pikachu electorcuted Gladion's Lycanroc, it unveiled itself. This shocked Lusamine, as she saw Lycanroc turning into her husband's Zoroark.[1]

Lusamine continued watching their battle, and was glad to see both Gladion and Ash had a good time. Despite Gladion losing, Lusamine was still proud that he had fought well in the battle. At evening, while she were watching the Masked Royal passing the Championship Cup, Lusamine was surprised to see the Ultra Beast, Guzzlord, having descended down an Ultra Wormhole.[40] With Guzzlord's arrival, Lusamine her scientists set up the communications system. She issued the order to the audience to leave the stadium and evacuate to the ships waiting at the docks. In addition, Lusamine observed the situation with the three Guzzlord that came out of the Ultra Wormholes.[41]

The next day, Lusamine, Faba and Wicke watched the exhibition match between Ash and Professor Kukui.[42] Lusamine and Wicke became annoyed by Faba's remark that Kukui didn't do Masked Royal's "Enjoy!" pose. When Ash sent Naganadel out, Lusamine saw it was a good idea tha they had Ash take care of the Ultra Beast.[43] Much to their surprise, the two ladies saw Faba cheering for Naganadel instead of Kukui. When Tapu Koko arrived to the battlefield to join Kukui in battling Ash, Lusamine and Wicke became very excited for its upcoming battle against Naganadel.[44] Wicke and Lusamine enjoyed the battle, and witnessed Tapu Koko and Ash's Pikachu launching Z-Moves against each other: Guardian of Alola versus 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.[45] After the Pokémon League, having learned that Magearna shot a beam, which pointed the way to Mohn's location, Lillie went to tell her mother about that. Lusamine quickly decided to supply herself for the journey to find Mohn, to which Gladion and Lillie joined her.[46]

Lusamine with her children and Pokémon on their journey to find Mohn.

Few days later, Ash and Rotom had a small trip with Solgaleo, by facing an Ultra Beast beyond an Ultra Wormhole. Kukui quickly took Ash and Rotom to Aether Foundation, and Rotom's findings amazed the scientists. Lusamine recognized Rotom's skills, and offered it a job at Aether Paradise. Rotom became shocked, but with Ash's permission, it took the job. Later on, Gladion, Lillie and Lusamine were to board on the ship, to start their journey to find Mohn. Before they departed, Rotom took picture of the entire group. On the ship, Gladion, Lusamine and Lillie waved goodbye to their friends and colleagues.[46]

Pokémon Journeys: The Series


On hand

In the space of the Ultra Beasts, Lusamine, fused with Nihilego, sent Salazzle to stop the group. Kiawe let others continue, as he sent Marowak and Turtonator to battle Salazzle. Although she fainted, Salazzle's Ultra Beast aura restored its power until Lusamine was defeated.

In the space of the Ultra Beasts, Lusamine, fused with Nihilego, sent Lilligant, Milotic and Mismagius to stop the group. Sophocles, Lana and Mallow sent Togedemaru, Popplio and Steenee to battle the trio, and were joined by Ash's Litten and Rowlet. Although they fainted, the Ultra Beast aura restored Lilligant, Milotic and Mismagius' power until Lusamine was defeated.

At the Ultra Guardians base

Ride Pokémon

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Lapras *


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Lillie *


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