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This Salazzle is a Poison/Fire-type Pokémon owned by Lusamine.


Kiawe and Turtonator battling Salazzle.

When Ash, Mallow, Gladion, Lillie, Lana, Sophocles, and Kiawe went to rescue Lusamine, Salazzle, glowing with an aura, was used by Lusamine to battle Ash and co. when they approached her. Kiawe, his Marowak, and Turtonator confronted her, letting the rest of the group continue on. Salazzle fired Venoshock, which was blocked by Turtonator's Flamethrower. Salazzle evaded Turtonator's Dragon Tail, but she got hit by Kiawe's Marowak's Flare Blitz. Eventually, Salazzle was defeated by a combination of Turtonator's Inferno Overdrive and Marowak's Bonemerang.[1]

To Kiawe, Marowak, and Turtonator's horror, she stood up due to Nihilego's control over the rest of Lusamine's Pokémon, and continued the battle by firing a massive Sludge Wave attack, which Turtonator and Marowak managed to evade. Soon, when Lusamine diffused with the Ultra Beast, Salazzle and the rest of her Pokémon snapped out of the Ultra Beast's control, thus ending the battle. When snapped out of Nihilego's control, Salazzle stopped attacking and began freaking out when an infuriated Turtonator and Marowak tried to attack her, until Kiawe ordered them to stand down.[2]

Before Lillie went on her journey with her family to find Mohn, she thought of Ash and the rest of her friends battling Lusamine's Pokémon, including Salazzle, to rescue Lillie's mother.[3]

Known moves