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For other versions of Clefable belonging to Lusamine, see Lusamine's Clefable.

This Clefable is a Fairy-type Pokémon owned by Lusamine.


As Cleffa

Years ago, Lillie, Gladion, Lusamine, Eevee and Cleffa used to spend a lot of time together as a family.[2]

Clefable, as a Cleffa, in Lusamine's family portrait.

Cleffa appeared in a photo frame, in which Lillie, her mother Lusamine, and her brother, Gladion, were portrayed in.[3][4][5] Lusamine kept pictures of her children and their Pokémon, including Gladion, Cleffa and Eevee, in her office.[1]

As Clefairy

Lillie was working at the orchard with her family and the Pokémon, including Clefairy, when she was young.[1] When Lillie was absent, Lusamine had Clefairy evolve into a Clefable, by touching a Moon Stone.[6]

As Clefable

Lillie, who found out Clefable evolved, was furious, as the former form was much cuter to her.[6] Lusamine later sent Clefable to fight Nihilego, using Dazzling Gleam. She was defeated due to her energy drained, causing Lusamine to recall her back.[7]

Lycanroc combating Clefable, who is using Dazzling Gleam.

Clefable, along with the other five of Lusamine's Pokémon, were under her mind control after being fused with Nihilego, in the Ultra Space. She faced off against both Snowy and Ash's Lycanroc when she tried to attack Lillie with her attacks. Clefable emitted another Dazzling Gleam, but was stopped by Snowy's Powder Snow and Lycanroc's Rock Throw. To stop Clefable without fighting, Lillie took out her Poké Doll, to remind Clefable of the good times she had with Lillie. Lillie started approaching Clefable, who used Moon Blast, only to get stopped by Lycanroc's Rock Throw. Lillie hugged Clefable, who started using Dazzling Gleam. Lillie reminded the fun she had with Clefable and the games they played, expressing her love to her,. Clefable snapped out of the control and hugged Lillie, who was glad she stopped Clefable.[8] Clefable went with Gladion, Lillie, Snowy and Ash's Lycanroc while being mounted on Gladion's Silvally to catch up with Ash. To reach him, Lillie went atop Clefable, whose Magic Guard ability allowed the two to cross the poisonous liquid without any harm. After UB01: Symbiont diffused with Lusamine, Clefable helped Gladion and Lillie pull her out, and was glad to see the family brought back together.[9]

Clefable was present with Lusamine, who attended Professor Kukui and Burnet's wedding.[10] Clefable became an Ultra Guardian in Lusamine's project, and delivered goods to the rest of the group whenever they had to attend a mission.[11] She was also present when Lusamine contacted the Ultra Guardians to come to Poni Island's Altar of the Sunne.[12]

As Ultra Guardians has been established, Clefable has a new job at the base beneath Pokémon School, such as being a janitor and a caller for the Guardians to call Lusamine.[11]

Clefable displeased to see the group of Meltan reuniting with one another.

While in a middle of clearning Ultra Guardians base, Clefable noticed the group of Meltan eating the metallic compounds of the base’s communication computer. She began to sweep away the group of Meltan and chase them to kick them out of the base, but only to find them disappeared, unaware that the group of Hex Nut Pokémon found an exit to the Pokémon School building on the top of the base. Few hours later at night, the same group of Meltan begin to reside at Pokémon School's Ultra Guardians Base and joined by their fellow group, much to Clefable’s annoyance.[13] On the next harsh day of taking care the hordes of Meltan to behave from foolishly eating someone's metallic properties, Clefable's situation was finally under control, and she acted as the Meltan's supervisor. She later brought the Meltan to have one of the Meltan who split up from them to return, until they accept its decision due to the former owed Ash's Rowlet a debt for yesterday.[14] Since then, Clefairy had the Meltan help her in equipping the Ultra Guardians on the missions.[15]

Known moves