This Absol is a Dark-type Pokémon owned by Lusamine.


Not much is known about Absol, except that it used to be Gladion's Umbreon's training partner.[1]

Silvally, Umbreon and Lycanroc were used in Ultra Space to battle Absol, who like Lusamine and the rest of her Pokemon were under Nihilego's control. Silvally ended up getting its feet trapped in ice, created by Absol's Ice Beam, while the rest of Gladion's Pokémon were paralyzed by Mean Look.[1] Gladion equipped Silvally with a Fire Memory, melting down the ice and using Multi Attack to burn Absol. Lycanroc and Umbreon were freed from the Mean Look. Silvally used Crush Claw on Absol, who retaliated with Ice Beam, only to get countered by Umbreon's Dark Pulse. Silvally used Air Slash on Absol, who was defeated by Lycanroc's Z-Move, Continental Crush. Due to the Ultra Beast's control over Absol, it stood up and continued the battle, with Lycanroc using Stone Edge. Gladion mounted on Silvally, letting the rest of his Pokémon deal with Absol. After Lusamine diffused with the Ultra Beast, Absol and the rest of her Pokémon snapped out of the Ultra Beast's control, thus ending the battle. Absol then reconciled with Umbreon and their friendship returned.[2]

Before Lillie went on her journey with her family to find Mohn, she thought of Ash and the rest of her friends battling Lusamine's Pokémon, including Absol, to rescue Lillie's mother.[3]

Known moves

  • Using Psycho Cut
  • Using Ice Beam
  • Using Mean Look


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