This Zorua is Luke's main Pokémon and she has often appeared outside of her Poké Ball.


Our heroes first encountered Zorua while looking at a movie poster and noticed the female lead of the movie behind them. Soon they found out the lady was actually Zorua. Soon afterwards Luke showed up and Zorua transformed herself into Ash's Pikachu. Luke grabbed Pikachu, believing he was Zorua in disguise, resulting in Pikachu shocking Luke with Thunderbolt out of shock. Luke apologized to Pikachu for the mix up and then tried to talk to Zorua, who was still disguised as a Pikachu, but she angrily attacked him with Shadow Ball before turning back to normal and running off. Luke explained to our heroes that he is a director and Zorua's his lead actress. He told them a story about a movie he was shooting and how Zorua was playing all the roles and every time he wanted her to change character she'd change to that character but then immediately turn back into Princess Yuria, the main character. Luke led our heroes to a movie theater where they found Zorua on the stage disguised as Princess Yuria. Cilan stated that since Zorua's female she only wants to play Princess Yuria. Luke told her she only had to play the role of the princess while Ash and his friends played the other roles. During the shooting of the final scene Zorua was kidnapped by Team Rocket but managed to escape.

She came along with Luke to the Nimbasa town battle tournament despite not participating in the event. While at the tournament she had a habit of turning into Georgia. She also did everything she could to avoid Bianca who she was very annoyed by.

Known moves

  • Using Shadow Ball
  • Zorua using Night Daze




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