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Lugia is a legendary Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon that appears in the Pokémon Journeys series.


Lugia emerged from the clouds and reveals itself. Waiting Trainers attempt to fight it in a raid battle, only for them and their Pokémon to be blown away. As Goh rushes to the port, more Trainers and their Pokémon continue to attack, but Lugia easily subdues them.

Ash and Pikachu arrived and challenges it to a battle, which the beast responds with a roar. Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but did no damage to it and got blown away with Ash catching Pikachu. Lugia then flew away while Ash and Pikachu chase after it toward a cliff road

Goh arrives and spots Lugia in the same area. Both boys jump on the beast at the exact same time and are surprised to see each other while the Pokémon flies off over the sea.

Ash helps Goh on Lugia's back and while the former notices the Pokémon watching the boys, the latter is amazed at riding it. Goh notices Lugia's fins' movements before taking out his phone to record it. While Goh and Ash were talking about Lugia, it suddenly screeches, causing the trio to plug their ears, and sharply flies to the sky. The trio holds onto the fins before looking around to see a flock of Fearow flying in a formation, with Lugia in the lead.

The Legendary Pokémon suddenly dives sharply towards the sea before firing a Hydro Pump, causing the waters to part. The trio looks on in amazement while entering the refilling hole. Ash hears a psychic "Here we go" from Lugia and, seeing the Pokémon about to go through the water wall into the sea. Unfortunately, all three began to lose air when admiring the Horseas. Lugia rises out of the ocean and the trio regains their much-needed oxygen.

After Ash and Goh introduced themselves to each other, Lugia flies across a field and the boys come across more Pokémon. Lugia abruptly drops them off and flies away; the boys thank Lugia for their time with it and hope to meet it again.

Known moves