This Milotic is a water-type Pokémon owned by Pike Queen Lucy.


It was the second Pokémon Lucy used during her battle with Ash. Like Seviper, Milotic had an aggressive fighting style. It defeated Ash's Donphan with a single Hydro Pump. Milotic also held its own against Ash's Pikachu, enduring Pikachu's electric attacks and causing serious damage to the Electric Pokémon. Eventually Pikachu managed to defeat Milotic by using Thunderbolt on himself to increase his electrical power and then dived straight into Milotic's Twister and defeated it with a spinning Volt Tackle. It was her most powerful Pokémon when it used Twister.

Known moves

  • Using Hydro Pump
  • Using Twister
  • Using Iron Tail
  • Using Facade


  • Despite the fact that Milotic was paralyzed by Pikachu's Volt Tackle, its Marvel Scale ability was never mentioned.
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