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These Magneton are four electric/steel-type Pokémon owned by Lt. Surge.


The Beginning series

Since Red tried to escape the ship, Lt. Surge had Magneton use Supersonic. Red was distracted by Magneton's noise, and Lt. Surge grabbed his Poliwhirl and threw it into the sea. The Magneton created a force field around Red, allowing Electabuzz to electrocute him with Thunderbolt. With Red defeated, the Magneton threw Red into the sea.[1] At Silph Co., Surge wore a Magneton as part of his suit, to protect himself from Zapdos' electricity.[2][3] Giovanni reminded Red of the battle at Silph Co., claiming Lt. Surge, who was equipped with Magneton, was an Electric-type Pokémon expert.[4]

After his Electrode and Bill's Exeggcute exploded to defeat Bruno, Lt. Surge had four Magneton create a platform where he and Bill would be safe from falling down.[5] However, Bruno survived the attack and had his Hitmonlee extend its leg to pull Lt. Surge down. Lt. Surge had one of his Magneton split into three Magnemite to rescue him, but Hitmonlee bashed them away.[6] With Red's arrival, Lt. Surge let him battle Bruno on his own. Lt. Surge had his Magneton help him climb on the platform.[7] With Bruno's defeat, Lt. Surge threw Bill off the platform, since their agreement was over. Thus, Lt. Surge had Magneton carry him away.[8] Magneton was with Lt. Surge and Sabrina, who spoke with Giovanni about recreating Team Rocket.[9]

Gold and Silver series

Lt. Surge had his Magneton deployed to ambush any wild Pokémon in a cave. However, the Magneton accidentally electrocuted Crystal and her Megaree, then transported them into the submarine.[10]

Lt. Surge had his Magneton create a platform he could stand on to approach Gold and Silver, who were on an island,[11] and to defend him from Lugia's attacks.[12][13]

Known moves