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These Electrode are multiple electric-type Pokémon owned by Lt. Surge.


The Beginning series

Red, who snuck onto the ship, was quickly surrounded by Magnemite, Voltorb and Electrode, until Lt. Surge came.[1][2]

Lt. Surge had his Electrode Self-Destruct, with Bill's Exeggcute's Egg Bomb, to inflict massive damage to Onix and Bruno.[3] After the attack, Electrode, Bill and the Pokémon stood on a platform, created by Lt. Surge's Magneton.[4]

Lt. Surge wore Electrode as part of his equipment, at Silph Co., to take Red on and defeat him. Surge even fired some Electrode and Voltorb on Red, pushing him onto the wall and electrocuting him.[5][6] Giovanni reminded Red of the battle at Silph Co., claiming Lt. Surge, who was equipped with Electrode, was an Electric-type Pokémon expert.[7]

Gold and Silver series

Since he was cornered by the Masked Man's Houndour, Lt. Surge sent his Electrode. The Electrode used Self-Destruct, blowing away the Houndour, enough for Lt. Surge to escape.[8]

Known moves