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Lovrina is a Cipher Administrator from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. She has a reference by Naps, the first Cipher enemy, as "Sister." She was the one that made XD001.


She has long light pink hair in pigtails and green eyes.


Despite her appearance, Lovrina has a fierce temper and doesn't tolerate failures. Her personality has even some lesser members of Cipher afraid of her. Lovrina was very loyal to Grand Master Greevil until she was forced to leave Cipher after losing to Michael a second time.


Lovrina is first encountered at the Cipher Lab where she had Naps and the other Cipher Peons kidnap Professor Krane from the Pokémon HQ Lab. Lovrina attempted to have Professor Krane aid Cipher in their Shadow Pokémon plan but Krane refused to work with them. Eventually, Lovrina runs into Michael who is trying to escape from the lab with Krane. Lovrina is forced to try and stop them from escape by battling Michael but leaves. Lovrina is encountered again at Citadark Isle where she is visibly upset at Michael's visit and challenges him to a battle again. However, Lovrina, once again, loses and her failure forces her to leave Cipher for good.

Lovrina can be later battled at the Orre Colosseum where she is fought at the end of round one. After being defeated, Lovrina grows to respect Michael, and grants him the title of "Lovrina Fan Club Member No. 1".


Cipher Lab

Citadark Isle

Orre Colosseum