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For the variant appearing in the games, see Looker.

Looker is a member of the International Police.


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Looker wears black penny loafers, brown suit pants, white shirt with pink tie, lighter brown vest and an investigator coat. He has brown eyes, dark hair, wrinkle marks around his mouth, black eyebrows and an inquisitive look.


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Pokémon the Series: Diamond & Pearl

Looker was on a train near Team Rocket in disguise, in which the heroes were after Ash's loss to Paul. Ash yelled out of excitement, startling Looker, who dropped a sandwich. The heroes apologized, and introduced themselves to Looker, who went on to pass more sandwiches to the train's staff. In that moment, the train stopped, confusing people as they could continue traveling, and there was no command from higher-ups that prevented them from going on. Looker believed to be trouble ahead, and had the driver accompany him. Looker followed the tracks, seeing someone had changed the controls so they would take the other route. Following the tracks to the other route, Looker encountered an abandoned building, near Lake Acuity. Using his gear, Looker saw someone was here. He returned to the train, happy to see the heroes, and asked of them to enjoy their youth. He went out of the train, making a call to report that Team Galactic used tracks to transport something to Lake Acuity.[1]

Looker went to the Pokémon Center near Mt. Coronet, where he saw the heroes once more, who were to take a Western Coast Shellos. He went undercover, tracking Team Galactic's movements to find a secret entrance. He noted that Team Galactic had dug out ruins beneath Mt. Coronet, and took a glance to see the heroes confronting Team Galactic. He took on a disguise as a Team Galactic grunt to infiltrate, and at a close range, took off his disguise and saved the heroes. He then proceeded to combat, attacking the grunts while the rest caused chaos around the ruins. Saturn had Toxicroak bash the wall, causing water to leek out, so Looker took out an inflatable boat to save himself and the heroes. With everyone out, the heroes thanked Looker for rescuing them, but were also surprised to see he was a member of the International Police. Looker helped them out by showing a location, where they could release Shellos.[2]

Looker took on the disguise as a Team Galactic member, but was discovered by Jupiter, who had her Golbat attack him. Team Rocket saw him, and believed they could gain a favor from the International Police if they save him. They went on to attack, but were quickly stopped by Jupiter, who blasted Meowth away. Jessie and James were locked away with Looker, who warned them about traps. He was displeased he had these people involved, even if Team Rocket claimed they were just battling the enemy organization. Either way, Looker warned them that the Team Galactic leader has not shown up yet. The heroes eventually went to the location the group was trapped in - Fuego Ironworks - and rescued Looker, Jessie and James. Before leaving, Looker heard a noise underneath: he pushed a lever, finding a room with a gem. Trying to learn more about it, Looker activated the gem, causing all the data he had collected on Team Galactic to be erased. Looker noted this was a trap, and was determined to battle Team Galactic.[3]

Looker went to Mt. Coronet once more, to find more about Team Galactic. He was spotted by Team Rocket, and much to his surprise, they offered an alliance. In order to enter the hideout, Team Rocket disguised themselves, which gave Looker an idea.[4] They attempted to enter, but were stopped by Jupiter once more, and locked away. After the crisis was over, Looker was rescued, but he did not see Team Rocket, who fled away already.[5]

Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Disguised as a hiker, Looker met Ash with Iris and Cilan in Unova region. He wondered where they were heading, and was told they would like to see the mountains. Suddenly, Pikachu and Axew started behaving hostile, and nearly attacked Ash and Iris. Looker jumped to tackle the two, putting them out of harm's way. Looker felt that something was off, and launched a device that protected them - an EM shield. Axew and Pikachu were restored to normal, while Looker took off his hiker disguise. Ash greeted Looker, and explained to Iris and Cilan that he was a member of Interpol. Looker explained that he was on track to uncover Team Plasma, another villainous organization, and tracked their activities to an observatory. Looker let them accompany him, and went to the observatory.

Inside, they were ambushed by Team Plasma grunts, who used their Pokémon to attack them, all on Ghetsis' orders. Looker was certain Ghetsis was their leader. Colress later arrived, and threw a device to possess Pikachu into his control. Looker threw another one of his shield cubes to protect Pikachu, but the radio waves Colress had emitted were too powerful. Ash managed to persuade Pikachu to snap out of its control, impressing Colress, who has been gathering data on them. Looker went to download their data, but with everything done, Colress had the building self-destruct, and he escaped with his grunts. Looker was angry, for he could not get their information, which was wiped out. Nevertheless, Looker thanked the heroes for their help, who wished Looker luck in his investigation.[6]

With the rampage of a Haxorus, Looker met up with the heroes, who introduced him to N. Looker suspected Team Plasma was after N. Soon, they encountered the rampaging Haxorus, to which Looker believed it to be controlled, just like Pikachu and Axew had been earlier. He threw one of his EM cubes to nullify the effect, but failed. The heroes tried to calm Haxorus down, and eventually Iris' Dragonite, who has fallen into possession. Looker later noted that the signal came from an aircraft, from which Team Plasma was operating.[7] Looker went in a car, posing as an archaeologist to the Dragonspiral Tower. He met up with the heroes, and let them inside his car, driving them to the tower. He mentioned that Cedric Juniper's team has made a breakthrough. He joined Cedric, as the latter unveiled the Light Stone. However, N arrived and snatched the stone, while Team Plasma arrived as well to take control over Reshiram, who was sealed in the Light Stone.

Looker hid for a while, and cornered a commander of Team Plasma as he undisguised himself. Looker claimed the Interpol forces would arrive soon, but was shocked to see Colress able to control two Golurk.[8] Looker was cornered, until Iris and Cilan went in fighting. He took the moment to hide, wondering what could he do to prevent Team Plasma from getting the Light Stone. He charged in to stop the Colress machine, but was stopped by a number of Team Plasma grunts, and saw as Reshiram was unsealed from the Light Stone.[9] He went away, finding Team Rocket, who was planning on stopping the Colress machine. With the heroes' help, Pikachu used Electro Ball against Reshiram's Fusion Flare, destroying the Colress machine. With the criminals arrested, Looker thanked the heroes for their assistance.[10]


  • Looker was to play a part in the episodes Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma! Part 1 and Part 2, but the episodes were never shown.

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