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Logan is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


Black & White arc

Doctor Logan first appeared in Decisions, Decisions tending the wounds of Black after he was attacked by Ghetsis who took the Dark Stone. He is also Brycen's doctor from when the Gym Leader used to star in movies. Brycen called him to heal Black during his training to get stronger so that he could control the Light Stone and awaken Reshiram so he can defeat N and his Zekrom. Once the training had finished, Logan watches Black and Brycen's Gym battle alongside Iris.

In Cold Hard Truth, Doctor Logan and his Gothorita arrive at the Pokémon League as one of the trainers Black met on his journey to face the Seven Sages in battle during Team Plasma's attack and rescue the captured Gym Leaders. After they succeed, Logan helped defeat the Team Plasma Grunts who attacked.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Two years later, Doctor Logan was revealed to have taken up the position of special coach of the Health Committee at the Aspertia Trainers School.


On hand

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