Liza is a Charizard Trainer in the Charicific Valley who looks after the Charizard that live there.


When she met Ash, Liza knew he had a Charizard so she decided to ask him, Brock and Misty if they would like to see the Charicific Valley. She also looks after Ash's Charizard when he left it there for training. She appeared for three episodes after this to help Clair, her childhood friend, stop the Dragonite from destroying the Dragon's Den and later watches the gym battle between Clair and Ash for the Rising Badge.

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On hand

Liza 2

Took care of


  • Liza is the only confirmed trainer to have a female Charizard.
  • Liza's Charizard, Charla, is the only Charizard in the Charicific Valley to have been raised by a human, with the exception of Ash's Charizard during his stay there.


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