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Lively Town (ワイワイタウン, Waiwai Taun) is a location in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, located in the Water Continent. It is the largest town in the game, and is where the player character and their partner visits after leaving Serene Village and home to the Expedition Society's base.


Expedition Society

Main article: Expedition Society

The Expedition Society is located in the north of the town, and is where the player character and their partner live after arriving. It houses the Pokémon Nexus.

Kecleon Shop

Main article: Kecleon Shop

Located at the northeast of the plaza, the shop sells different items like TMs and Foods.

Hawlucha's Slam School

Main article: Hawlucha's Slam School

Run by Hawlucha and located just next to the exit. Here, the player can learn and forget moves, as well as swapping Abilities in exchange for a Lucha Token.

Café Connection

Main article: Café Connection

It is run by Kangaskhan. The player can connect with Pokémon and pick up rewards here.

Glorious Gold

Located next to the Kecleon Shop, run by Cofagrigus after a certain amount of job requests. The player can exchange Poké for Gold Bars (MD Poke.png555 per Gold Bar), which in turn can be used to exchange various items, some being exclusive to this shop.

Rockin' Lock

Run by Klefki, it is located next to Hawlucha's Slam School. Klefki offers to open Treasure Boxes for an amount of Poké (MD Poke.png150 per Blue Treasure Boxes, MD Poke.png300 per Red Treasure Boxes).

Meowth Theater

It is run by Meowth, located in the south of the town. Meowth allows the player to go through one of five exclusive dungeons while being recorded.

Lapras Travel Liner

It is run by Lapras, located in the dock in the east of the town. The player can ride Lapras to go to different Continents of the Pokémon World if they have the corresponding Lapras Liner Pass.