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Littleroot Town is a small town located in the southern area of Hoenn, and is surrounded by a thick forest. This is the player's hometown, where they move into and begin their journey in the Generation III games and their remakes.



Gift after completing the Hoenn Pokédex

E 152 front.gif
Held item:

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Held item:

E 158 front.gif
Held item:


Item Games Location/Method
Poké Ball Sprite.png Poké Ball R/S/E/OR/AS From the rival in the lab x5RSE/10ORAS
Amulet Coin XY Sprite.png Amulet Coin R/S/E/OR/AS From the mother after defeating Norman
MewtXMS.png Mewtwonite X OR/AS In the southwest corner after defeating Groudon/Kyogre
Pair of Tickets Sprite.png Pair of Tickets OR/AS From Norman during the start of Delta Episode
LatiaMS.png Latiasite OR From the mother after completing Delta Episode
LatioMS.png Latiosite AS From the mother after completing Delta Episode
S.S. Ticket (key).png S.S. Ticket R/S/E/OR/AS From Norman after becoming the ChampionRSE/completing Delta EpisodeORAS
Round Charm sprite.png Oval Charm OR/AS From Professor Birch after completing the Hoenn Pokédex
ShiningCharmB2W2sprite.png Shiny Charm OR/AS From Professor Birch after completing the National Pokédex


New Neighborhood

Welcome to your new home in Littleroot Town. This is where your journey begins. You have just moved to this town after riding in the uncomfortable truck from Olivine City in Johto. Your father, Norman, is already at work in Petalburg City, so your mother is taking care of getting everything put away. Thankfully, a moving company's Pokémon are doing the most work, which are the Machokes (Vigoroth for Pokémon Emerald).

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 1.png

Next, you go upstairs to check out your room. Refer to the diary on the table as well, it will be useful for your journey. Then click on the clock to reset it.

After you reset it, go downstairs and your Mom will tell you to watch TV about your Dad. But it is over once you see it. Then your mother tells you to visit Prof. Birch. But first, you will have to visit your neighbors first.

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 2.png

Which house you live in depends on whether you decide to choose a boy or a girl. If you choose to be a girl, you live at the house on the right. If you choose to be a boy, you live at the house on the left. When it comes to visiting your neighbor, which is soon, visit the house just opposite yours.

Blocked Route 101

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 3.png

Route 101 is blocked by a little boy because you don't have your Pokémon yet! Visit your neighbors first then come back here.

Your Neighbor

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 4.png

It's time to meet your neighbor. Visit the houses next to yours and you will be greeted by a woman. Then head upstairs to meet your new friend (or rival). If you choose a boy, she will be a girl called May. If you choose a girl, he will be a boy called Brendan. After chatting, your rival will go downstairs and went off.

Rescue Prof. Birch

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 5.png

After meeting the Birch's family, head north of the town to Route 101. You will see a boy standing in front of the Route, telling something about someone is shouting. This sounds trouble. As you head out, you heard a scream. It turns out to be Prof. Birch chased by a Poochyena (Zigzagoon in Pokémon Emerald). He will ask you to reach for his bag and take out a Pokémon.

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 6.png

To rescue him, you have to take out a Pokémon to battle with the wild Pokémon. Take note that the Pokémon you choose will be your first Pokémon you will use for the entire game, so you should be sure with your final decision. You can choose either Grass-type Treecko, Fire-type Torchic or Water-type Mudkip. Battle with it and save Prof. Birch.

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 7.png

Prof. Birch is grateful for your assistance. As a reward, he let you keep the Pokémon you selected earlier. With your first Pokémon, you can now head out of town and start your adventure.

Inside the profs lab

After Rival Battle #1

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 8.png

Ruby-Sapphire Littleroot Town 9.png

After you battle your rival at Route 103, Prof. Birch is impressed with you and gives you a Pokédex so you can catalog your finds. Your rival will give you 5 Poké Balls so you can start catching Pokémon.

Before you leave Littleroot Town, your mother will tell you to wait. She will give you a Running Shoes. These sneakers will help you to run faster by pressing the 'B' button on the Game Boy while moving. You cannot run inside most buildings. But outside of battles? Run free!

After Battling Norman

After you receive the Balance Badge from your father at Petalburg Gym, return to your home. Your mother will give you an Amulet Coin, which will double the amount of money won from battles.

After Defeating the Elite Four

After the credits rolled, you will end up at your house. Head downstairs and your Dad will give you a ticket for the S.S. Tidal, Capt. Stern's new ferry. The ferry is found in the port in either Lilycove City or Slateport City.


This is the town where Professor Birch lives and is where May receives Torchic. Ash went to this town to begin his new journey in the Hoenn region.


  • In the games, regardless of the player's character choice, May lives here. In the anime, she instead lives in the nearby Petalburg City, as does Norman.
  • This location has an unused beta music.
  • Littleroot Town's name comes from "little" and "root," referring to it being the starting point for the player characters. Mishiro Town, its Japanese name, comes from 未 (mi, not yet) and 白 (shiro, white).
  • As Hoenn is based on Kyūshū, Littleroot town is based on Sasebo.


In other languages

Language Name
English Littleroot Town
Spanish Villa Raíz
Italian Albanova
French Bourg-en-Vol
German Wurzelheim
Japanese ミシロタウン
Korean 미로마을
Simplified Chinese 未白鎮
Traditional Chinese 未白镇
Norwegian Littlerootby
Polish Miasto Littleroot
Portuguese Cidade de Littleroot
Russian Литтлрут Таун
Sweedish Littlerootstaden
Vietnamese Thị trấn Mishiro