For the variant appearing in the games, see Lisia.

Lisia is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is a Contest Idol.


Lisia is a young girl who dresses in blue and white to match her signature Pokemon, Altaria. She has teal blue hair with two large bangs, clipped by a barrette that holds her Mega Keystone. She wears a sleeveless blue top with a blue ribbon design that exposes her belly button. She wears white shorts that are laced with two large blue and white frills that mimic a skirt. Lisia wears a pair of diamond-designed anklets around her light blue high-heeled shoes, which make her look like she is somewhat taller than an average person. On her left leg, Lisia wears a blue and white striped stocking. To further match her Altaria, Lisia wears cotton puffs on her forearms, on the back of her neck, and just above her shoes. Lisia is almost always seen with a bright smile.


Lisia is a happy girl, who loves Contests and Coordinators. However, she sometimes acts childish. She is fond of Ruby, who is her idol for Contest performances.


Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Lisia interviewed Ruby, who participated in his recent Contest. Lisia adored Ruby, who was a talented Coordinator, which made Sapphire angry about that.[1]

Lisia told Chaz about Ruby, adoring his Coordinator skills. Chaz thought Lisia was just a fangirl, but Lisia proved Ruby was also intelligent, for he did introduce the Cosplay Pikachu costumes - Libre, Ph. D, Rock Star, Belle and Pop Star, even making outfits for Coordinators, based on Pop Star and Rock Star costumes. Lisia, however, was worried, for she did hear Ruby talking to Gabby and Ty, claiming it may have been his last Contest he ever performed in. Chaz denied these words, which made Lisia angry, who called her uncle, claiming Chaz was bullying her.[2]

Eventually, Wallace, along with Juan, Lisia, Tate and Liza, arrived by his aircar to Sootopolis City. Ruby was glad they arrived and spoke with Lisia. Lisia admired Ruby and showed the package she brought to him. Ruby wanted to introduce Lisia to Sapphire, who furiously walked away.[3]


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