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Linnea is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: XY and XYZ.


Pokémon the Series: XY

She is one of Valerie's assistants and a Furisode Girl loyal to Laverre City Gym Leader Valerie who helps organize the Clothing Collection line showcase events. She was running the front desk when Sawyer was attempting to setup a time to have a Gym Battle with Valerie. Linnea told him that Valerie wasn't available at the moment due to her fashion collection being displayed in a fashion show. During the fashion show, Linnea picked Sawyer from the audience to battle against Valerie in an official Gym Battle as part of the fashion show.

Ash remembered Kali, Katherine, Blossom and Linnea, who were present during his Gym Battle against Valerie, when he was reflecting back on his journey.

Episode appearances

Episode(s) Title(s)
XY073 A Fashionable Battle!
XY074 Fairy-Type Trickery!